A Small Victory

As I wrote the post on the Figure Prints pet offerings, I logged on Vikund to see if I had some that were less viable to be cast in resin and placed on my desk.  I was able to come up with three pretty easily.

But as I was flipping through my companion pets and then going through the list of pets on WoW Wiki, I noticed that I did not have the Westfall Chicken!

The quest to get the Westfall Chicken is one of the great goofy quests in WoW.

Vikund was in Ironforge (He was still doing Brewfest stuff last night.  He did eventually collect enough tokens to buy back his Brewfest regalia, so he has that going for him.) so I put him on the bird to Westfall and finished up the previous post.

When I went back to the WoW window, I was in Westfall and some horde guy was trying to kill the flight master.

Now, traditionally, I only see this happening when I am logged on with a low level alt and I have to sit there and take it or die quickly.

But this time around I had my level 80 retribution paladin out and the offender was a level 77 Tauren druid in cat form.  Time to attack!

I don’t know if this guy saw me there AFK or not, but he certainly noticed me when I jumped in with a consecrate.  He went to travel form and ran for it.  I jumped on my mount and chased him down, stunned him with the hammer of justice, and then started through my rotation until he was dead.  I didn’t even get to exorcism.

And, as a bonus, he waited a bit before he released, so I managed to get the Make Love, Not Warcraft achievement by giving him a /hug.

Then I went and got my Westfall chicken.

All in all a very satisfying run.

7 thoughts on “A Small Victory

  1. Nerdsbeware

    New reader of your blog here, it’s great! I play horde (I come in peace!) but getting the chicken was a challenge and well worth it. I had to make a trail account, start a alliance char and many more things.

    My next goal…that damn Firefly!


  2. Cj Didge

    Thats what i dont get or like about levels, a diference of less than 4% and you kicked his arse, and it seems he knew that would happen so ran for it :p


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @CJ: The gulf between a level 77 who was probably all in greens and down to about half health (because he was struggling with the flight master and two griffons) and a level 80 ret pally wearing a lot of item level 200 gear is probably greater than 4%.

    There is that whole gear progression thing that starts to happen at level 80, so there can be a significant difference between any two level 80s you see on the streets of Dalaran. And while I am not wearing anything uber, I’ve been spending my currency on purples when I can find and afford them.

    It was very likely this druid was going to lose given his situation, 3 NPCs on him, health down, and a level 80 DPS player gunning for him. Turning to run just made it all happen that much faster. I’m not sure he even damaged me.

    But if the situation had been reversed and I had turned and just ran for it, he would have be able to knock me off almost as fast.

    In a stand up fight though, I should win given the level difference. But I have lost to lower level players before. Skill does enter into it. When you fight mostly NPCs, going against actual players can be a completely different experience.


  4. keystone

    Great story.

    Reminds me of the time I was on my level 36 druid and a level 60 (vanilla wow) priest tried to gank me while hunting in the Alterac Mountains. I was able to use travel form + HoTs to kite him all the way back to Southshore and log out in the INN. By the time I arrived back on my level 60 mage, he was gone.

    Druids are crazy good at running / hiding. If he had been on his toes, and not half health from the flight master, he probably would have gotten away.

    Good job in dispatching the horde! =)


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