Worst Pets Ever

Okay, maybe not the WORST pets ever. I suppose they could have picked the cockroach, the tree frog, and the giant sewer rat from the list of WoW companion pets.

Still, after the first round of companion pet figures from Figure Prints, I was expecting a little more.

Companion Pets - Series 2

Companion Pets - Series 2

They are distinctive, certainly, but Willy and Egbert may be the creepiest companion pets in the game.

And Snarly… well, I’m probably just bitter that I’ve done that Shattrath fishing quest so many times and never gotten him.

Also bitter about that and the fact that none of the pets I predicted for round 2 made it.

But if Willy, Egbert, and Snarly are your thing, hurry up.  They are only available through October 31st.

No word on hunter pets.

2 thoughts on “Worst Pets Ever

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    That would certainly be the implication.

    You know somebody out there is just dying for an inject resin Egbert. But enough people to make it a viable economic decision to create them… that I don’t know.

    But hey, Lillian Vernon stays in business, why not Figure Prints? Oh, wait, never mind about Lillian Vernon.


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