Exciting Ways to Die in Kobold Village

Leuthilspar Tales – Part II

In which I try to recreate a point in time from the Mid-1990s on Sojourn/TorilMUD.

Welcome young elf (or marginally tolerated half-elf)!

You have made it through the character creation process where you chose a race and a class, then rolled for attributes which were represented by vague names indicating a range of possible values.  Don’t worry, when you get to level 20 you will be able to see the actual numbers, at which point you may very well choose to start over again when you discover that after hundreds of re-rolls your decision to compromise and accept a CON value of only “above average” was a mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your days.

You have had your name accepted and approved by the immortals who run the MUD and have been dumped into a side room of your class guild hall in the beautiful elven city of Leuthilspar on the island of Evermeet.  I hope you like it here, because you are going to be stuck on the island for 20 levels.

You found yourself in your class guild hall with your inventory loaded to overflowing with items.  You have so much stuff in your hands that you cannot possibly pick anything else up.  But don’t drop anything.  Everything you have been given is flagged “transient” which means it will crumble to dust when it hits the ground.  This includes your weapon, which you will surely fumble during your first fight.

But do not worry too much about that.  All the equipment you have is of such low quality that while it is better than nothing at all, it is only just.  Any weapon you find will be an upgrade.

You should enter the command “wear all” to put everything on.  Then remove the bag you have been given from your hand, wield your weapon, and then put anything else you have (torches, rations, a water skin, plus maybe a spellbook or a holy symbol) in the bag.

Then you should find your way out of your class guild hall and figure out where you are in town.  Explore the town.  Maybe try your hand against some of the small animals in town, the elven cats or kooshie dogs.  If you are handy you might even pick up a level and get a leather dog collar drop from one of the dogs.  Put that collar right on, as it offers as much armor class improvement as almost all the other equipment you have been given so far combined.

Once you have familiarized yourself with Leuthilspar, gained a level, and figured out how to train up skills with your guild master, it is about time for you to seek adventure outside of town.

Luckily for you there is a place just outside of town waiting for you, Kobold Village.  We’ve already explained how to get there, and then get in, so head on out of Leuthilspar.

Kobold Village

Kobold Village

Kobold Village has everything you need!

  • A wide level range of monsters to fight (watch out for those level 40 kobolds young elf!)
  • Puzzles to solve (like getting into the zone)
  • Equipment (nothing special, but better than anything you have so far)
  • Shops that charge dearly for items you buy but are miserly when you want to sell an item
  • A quest that you probably won’t find (Szxvu has it, but shhh!)
  • Surprises (we’ll get to that)
  • Ways to die (which make up the above surprises)

You might wonder about that last one.  You might have already died in town if you tried to attack one of the elven citizens with a guard in the room.  But that was quick and convenient.  Kobold Village will introduce you to the realities of MUDs.

Who is going to kill you in Kobold Village?

The Bull – The bull has the potential to become the first mob in the game you come to hate and fear.  Unless you wander in a really bad direction, he will be the first aggressive (aggro) mob you encounter.  Surprise!  You’ve been able to size everything up before a fight.  But you walk into the kobold barn yard and are suddenly set upon.  He is only level 5, but he is a mean level 5, and with the gear you’re probably wearing, he can be deadly even if you’re level 5 as well.

The Guards – At first the guards in Kobold Village seem cool.  They just let you be.  Well, there are those couple of aggro guards who wanders, but we’ll ignore them for now.  Anyway, all seems good with the guards.   Then you decide to attack one of the low level kobolds in front of a guard and suddenly he shouts, “To battle one of us, is to battle us all!” and joins in against you.  Surprise! You can run away, he won’t follow you, but he’ll remember you and attack you again next time he sees you.

The Chief Guard – He is in an office behind a closed door with two guards stationed outside.  The Chief is not that tough, and he has that Rawhide Leather Girth that you probably want, but you will find out that not only do guards assist, they will also move to an adjacent room where fighting is taking place.  Surprise!  I hope the zone doesn’t reset and shut the door on you if you need to flee.

The Warmaster – The kobold Warmaster is surprisingly relaxed on the subject of strangers walking into his area.  His trainees, however, are more aggressive.  There are three of them.  They’ll probably kill you outright the first time you step into the room.  But should you kill one, pick up his weapon, since you’ve probably already lost your first one by this point.

The Taskmasters – You may have decided to play it safe.  You got past the bull and into the kobold farmyard.  There are lots of animals that you can kill for decent experience.  They are not too tough and they all wait patiently for you to get to them.  But at the far end of the farm are the two kobold Taskmasters.  They are aggro and higher level than anything on the farm by a fair margin.

The Kobold Mine Leader – You’ve wandered down into the mines below Kobold Village.  The miners are easy prey one you hit the right level.  They don’t assist.  They give good experience.  And then you wander into one of the mine leaders.  Aggro!  And here is where you learn about spawn order.  If you kill only the south mine leader, he’ll respawn in the north spot and you’ll have to fight two mine leaders together! Surprise

Kobold Sentry – If you are really sly, maybe you spotted that torch at the end of one of the tunnels.  If you pulled it, a secret door opened up.  On the other side is the kobold sentry.  He is aggro, but no worse that the mine leaders.  The thing is, a couple of rooms past him, there are three more sentries.  They will likely kill you.  But if they don’t, and you flee the wrong way, then you’re into the Kobold Temple of the Unholy.  You will need some high level friends to get your corpse now.  Surprise!  And if it is the Tako demon that got you, well… you didn’t have much valuable on you in any case, right?

Gwark – Gwark is the kobold clan leader.  It is his name on the sign we saw out front.  Gwark is actually on the surface level of Kobold Village, but you have to go through the mines to a trap door to get into his room.  Not that you would want to do that on purpose as a young elf, but if you are wandering through the mines you will no doubt see that trap door.  And you will open it.  And you will go through.  And you will die.  And you will have to get some help or figure out how to do the quick corpse drag.

But should you not die.  Should you be able to flee Gwark alive, you’ll find out something new.  Some mobs can summon.  Gwark will now try to summon you every 20 seconds or so as long as you are in the Kobold Village zone.  If your spell resist is high, the summon will fail most of the time.  Of course, if you had high spell resist equipment you probably wouldn’t be in Kobold Village now would you?  Fortunately, when you cast summon, there is a few seconds of immobility before you can do anything.  You can just open the trap door and walk away from Gwark without being hit.  But he’ll summon you again soon.  I have died trying to get out of the zone because I’ve run out of movement points before Gwark has run out of summon spells.

So if Gwark is summoning you young elf, perhaps it is time to look for new places to adventure.

How about the Faerie Forest?  That sounds safe!

3 thoughts on “Exciting Ways to Die in Kobold Village

  1. Xyd

    Wilhelm, your memory never ceases to amaze me. If I could remember 10% of the crap you remember… ;-)

    Was not Tako a global tracker?? That is, if you survived long enough to be tracked…?

    Also, don’t forget the Kobold Fisherman! While he was not aggro and not any significant threat, he’s also the first place you’re likely to fling your weapon only to watch it sink into the water, an always gut-wrenching incident regardless of level.

    I look forward to a trip through Faerie Forest. And Elemental Glades (hint hint).


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yes, the Tako demon was a global tracker. You could kill a lot of people dragging him to Leuth. You didn’t get many trains in TorilMUD the way you used to in EQ, but when you did somebody like Tako would walk back to his lair killing anybody he bumped into. But if you were a wee elf in KV and ended up with him, you were one-shotted and your corpse was as good as gone.

    As for memory, it helps that TorilMUD is still up and KV is still there. I had to get out a good-aligned elf alt to figure out who was aggro and who was not, since many of the mobs are aggro only to good and my main is neutral align.


  3. Andrew

    “Surprise! And if it is the Tako demon that got you, well… you didn’t have much valuable on you in any case, right?”

    Bwahahaha! Gotta love the mobs that start sac’ing your gear at random after they kill you. Good times, there.


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