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And Now For Something Completely Different – RP-PvP

I have mentioned more than a few times with the imminent end of five person content at hand in World of Warcraft, we have been slowly trying to build some consensus for the “next” thing for the instance group to try.

Sure, there are three new five person instances coming up which will extend our time in Azeroth for a bit.  But eventually we will get to the point where the undone content will be the heroic versions of instances we have already done.  That does not seem to hold much appeal for the group.

We’re tourists.

We’ve now entered and defeated most of the five player instances in the game and we’re happy with that.  Doing heroics would be doing repeats to get gear to put us on the path to raiding which, as far as I can tell, we have no pursuing.  Raiding isn’t a “Three Hours on a Saturday Night” sort of venture.

So Potshot (aka Skronk) sent out an email to the group with some possibilities.  They included:

  • Warhammer Online – maybe it changed for the better
  • Lord of the Rings Online – maybe it will feel less grindy
  • Champions Online – maybe some of us like superheroes
  • Aion – maybe we’ll be able to get on the same server/faction
  • EverQuest II – maybe this time it will work for us
  • GuildWars – maybe more story, less levels would be good

And we ended up picking:

  • World of Warcraft – change everything

Sometimes we’re silly like that.

Actually, Potshot and I were already playing some alts and were somewhat disposed to keeping our WoW accounts active whether we went somewhere else or not.  But everybody else, so far, has seemed interested enough that we have pushed ahead in laying the groundwork.

The change everything commandment meant doing as much differently as we could.

  • We rolled horde characters.
  • We vowed not to re-roll our main class from alliance
  • We chose a PvP server.  Actually, we chose an RP-PvP server, just to be as different as possible.

In some ways this is a last tour of Azeroth before the Cataclysm comes and changes it all.  What will life be like, for example, with the Barrens split in two?  Can we take two versions of Barrens chat?

So we’ve formed up a guild on Lightninghoof, which seems to have a decent population, an active auction house, and a lively version of Barrens chat.  And when it isn’t lively I’ll ask when I get to meet Gandalf or make some obscure Devo reference to find the one other person who will get it. (And at this late date, all Devo references are obscure.)

Much role play though?  A bit.  Not too many people walking rather than running through Orgimmar, but some passable fist shaking at the alliance.

So there we are.

Crossroads - We stand on guard for thee

Crossroads - We stand on guard for thee

We’ll see how it plays out and if it lasts.  We are not planning to do the instance route again, though I wouldn’t mind doing Ragefire Chasm at level.