Weighted Jack-o’-Lantern Fun

I only noticed recently that the Weighted Jack-o’-Lanterns that you can throw at people to give them a pumpkin head actually travel at the same speed as an epic ground mount in World of Warcraft.

Of course, there is an achievement related to those Jack-o’-Lanterns.  You have to throw one at each of the current player races in the game to get it.  I managed to get that.

Hanging around in Dalaran will get that done, though it appears that the Horde has been taken over by Blood Elves and Tauren.  Undead aren’t too tough to find, but it took me a while to find an Orc and a Troll.

Anyway, we were idling in Ironforge essentially waiting for the Trick or Treat timer to run down when we noticed a guy on his Hallow’s End broom circling the area between the bank and the auction house.

As he circled we saw that somebody had thrown a weighted Jack-o’-Lantern at him and it was following him around his circuit.

Then somebody threw another one.  I added one of my own.

Soon this guy had quite a parade following him around.

Around Ironforge

Around Ironforge

Here They Come!

Here They Come!

There They Go!

There They Go!

Things to do in Ironforge when you are bored.

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