Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

DDO Guild Creation FTW! Almost…

One of the game annoyances I could do without is guild creation.

When we rolled up on Lightninghoof in WoW, we had to go through the same old routine, getting 9 people to sign the charter when we only had 5 available.  We managed to get some friends to create characters to help us out, but in the end I still had to stand there for a while in Orgrimmar and grub for signatures.

It didn’t go too bad.  I didn’t face some of the usual problems, like people out-bidding my charter signing bounty, people signing, taking my bounty, then signing another guild charter before I have turned in my own (so their signature goes away!), or the usual “bigger must be better” guild spam inviting every unguilded newbie they see.  It did take a while all the same.

Eventually our guild was formed.  In the time it took me to finish that, Potshot had already earned enough money at the auction house to buy a guild bank tab.

While I was rolling up new set of characters again this week in Dungeons & Dragons Online (thanks to a tip from Vett on how to get a free key to add DDO to your current Turbine account) I was poking around at the various functions in game and came across the ubiquitous “Social” window.  As in WoW or LOTRO, this is where things like your friends list resides.  It also has a tab for your guild.

So I decided to see what it was going to take to form yet another guild in yet another game.  But I was in for a surprise.

Buy a guild now!

Buy a guild now!

Want a guild?  Go to the item shop and buy a Guild Charter!

Now that is a cash shop item I can get behind.

Given the choice between spending time begging for signatures from strangers and spending a couple of bucks, I will take the money option.  The tool tip for the store is right!

Of course, I’m sure not everybody will be as enthusiastic about this as I am.  There is no “go beg for signatures” option on a free account.  Somebody will no doubt wonder aloud if this is not unfair to the unemployed or some such I am sure.  But I know enough people who pay for character transfers on a whim to think that this has the potential to be pure win for a lot of people.

But how much does this cost?

I clicked on the Buy Now button and was greeted with this.

No Guild For You!

No Guild For You!

The social tab appears to be a bit ahead of the DDO Store.  The DDO store does not have such an option available at this time.

So no guild for us… yet.

Still, I like the idea that we could just create the guild on demand via the DDO store.  Some day.

How about you?  Would you rather grub for signatures?