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Right Ho, Jeeves!

I have at time considered dropping the engineering profession.

I picked up engineering originally with my paladin, Vikund, primarily to support my then main-character-of-the-moment Tistann, who is a hunter.  Among the many things that engineers can make are guns, gun enhancements (scopes), and upgraded ammunition.  All very useful to a hunter that has specialized in guns.

But while the engineering recipe list has some other interesting items, it can be a less than thrilling professional path.

It is certainly not a money maker as most of the interesting items you can create require that the user have an engineering skill close to what it requires to build.  So most of your wares can only be used by other engineers who would probably rather just make the item themselves.

And there are a couple of flat spots when leveling up the engineering skill where you either have to keep grinding inexpensive green items that give rare skill ups or very expensive to build orange items that always give a skill up.

Still, there was some utility for a paladin back in the days when they had no generic ranged attack to have a supply of thrown explosive weapons to pull bad guys.  And there were those seaforium charges to open up chests, though I have yet to find something in a chest that would sell for more that the cost of the opening charge.

So I have persisted with the profession, grinding it up in bursts then letting it idle.

Finally though, in Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard decided to focus a lot on one of the engineering profession themes, convenience items.  There have been a number of cool things, like the wormhole generator, that have made pursuing the career worthwhile.

But the ultimate item on the convenience list is Jeeves.

Named for the “gentleman’s gentleman” of the P.G. Wodehouse novels, Jeeves is a repair bot extraordinaire.   When you summon him, your party can repair its gear, sell items to him to clear bag space, and buy reagents and ammunition.

In addition, if you are a master engineer, you can also access your bank via Jeeves.

I have been working towards Jeeves for a while now, getting all the parts required to make him lined up and grinding those final 10 expensive skill points.  Last night, I was finally ready.

First, I had to go get the recipe.  The recipe is a drop that engineers have a chance to get by salvaging any mechanical corpse in Northrend.  And after killing and salvaging nearly 200 mechanicals by the Inventor’s Library, the recipe showed up.  It was time to make Jeeves.

An Expensive Parts List

An Expensive Parts List

The parts list is a bit pricey.  The Titansteel bars are about 200 gold each and the King’s Amber around 150 gold each, plus what goes into making the other repair bots that get folded into Jeeves.  But I managed to harvest everything but the King’s Amber, so the out of pocket expense was not so bad.

So once I put all those parts together, I was able to summon Jeves.

Jeeves in the Morning

Jeeves in the Morning

There is a one hour cool down on summoning him, and he only stays around for 10 minutes because it seems he has other things to which he must attend.

Still, a gentleman’s gentlerobot indeed.

Of course, now that we’re somewhat done with the five person content, I am not sure how often I will need to call on Jeeves.