Diablo! I mean Torchlight!

Diablo ships today!


I mean Torchlight ships today!

Or whatever the electronic distribution equivalent term is, since they don’t appear to be shipping physical boxes.

Torchlight!  It was done by those guys who did Diablo!

I mean Mythos!

Wait, Mythos was done by some people who did Diablo.

And the same guy did that did the music for Diablo did the music for Torchlight!

But you get my point, which is that whenever we speak of Torchlight, we must also mention Diablo.

Diablo! Diablo! Diablo!

And in my view of the world, comparing it to Diablo, and bringing up the connections with Diablo, is saying something good about the game.

But I really liked Diablo.

And Torchlight does appear to have that Diablo feel to it, at least in the screen shots I have seen.


Screen shot from the Torchlight web site

It has been a PC game drought for me this year.  The only new title I purchased so far in 2009 has been Peggle.  (Yay for being totally behind the curve on that one!)

So Torchlight, with all its Diablo connections, may be my second PC game purchase this year.

If they will let me purchase it.  It is being sold through Perfect World, a Chinese MMO company with some ports in the US (Jade Dynasty, Ether Saga and Perfect World), and they seem to have an issue with my billing information.

They sent me an email telling me that they were sending me another email regarding a billing issue.

I never received that second email which had a key link I need to follow in order to solve this problem.  Or so they said in the first email.

I did, however, receive a third email (which was right in the spam folder that I was watching just in case the second email showed up there) which told me that since I did not respond to the second email (which I am going to guess had some time limit associated with it) my transaction was being canceled and my money refunded.

They took my money, had a problem with it, and are now sending it back.

So Torchlight may not end up being my second PC game purchase this year.

And this billing snafu certainly does not bode well for me looking into the Torchlight MMO franchise that the team at Runic Games, the Diablo pedigreed developers of Torchlight, is talking about.

It does, however, give the publisher’s name, Perfect World, something of an ironic twist for the moment.

Anyway, I’ll see about trying to buy the game again this weekend.  Perhaps they are suffering from the first day rush.

In the mean time, I’ll just watch the game play video over at Game Bunny.


24 thoughts on “Diablo! I mean Torchlight!

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Mr. Anti-Steam indeed. Don’t get me started.

    I’d buy it off the shelf if I could. But Direct2Drive is a viable option. I just found it amusing/annoying that they couldn’t manage to sell me a copy today from their own site. That would seem to me to be the point of sale that offered the biggest cut for the studio, but whatever. The day everything goes as planned will be the day we realize we have the wrong plan in hand.

    I did, eventually, get the second email mentioned above, but not before my money was back in my PayPal account.


  2. syncaine

    From one Steam hater to another, D2D is indeed your friend.

    The better questions is why have you only bought one PC game this year, but then I looked at my purchases (Blood Bowl, Majesty 2, DarkFall, Elven Legacy, Dragon Age on preorder), and yea, guess it’s not been a great year depending on what you are looking for.


  3. Telke

    May i ask why you do not like steam? Just curious.

    The DRM? not having physical media? the sometimes-required internet connection?


  4. bluelinebasher

    Do they take Paypal? I had trouble with GOG.com for international billing reasons, and Paypal got through that without any problems.


  5. Stabs

    I don’t think I’d be inclined to buy a Diablo I clone this close to the release of Diablo 3.

    By “close” I mean I am expecting it some time in the next six months and will be mildly surprised not to see it by the end of 2010.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Having watched BlizzCon, Blizzard said they only expected to ship StarCraft 2 and Cataclysm in 2010.

    The no multi-player would be a bigger drawback for me.


  7. Andrew

    I’m fighting the urge to buy this game. Have been all week. Kill Ten Rats ain’t helping….. they just posted a brief memo on it – bastards.

    If I buy it I’ll be sure to use Steam for you, Wilhelm. =) Maybe I’ll gift you a copy :P


  8. JoBildo

    For what it’s worth, the game for me is more than worth the hassle you might endure in getting it. It’s like 1999 all over again… that is when D2 came out right?

    In any case, not only is the core game solid fun, but the level editor should wind up giving the game plenty of extra life until D3 or the TL MMO hits in the next year or two.


  9. Stabs

    Having watched BlizzCon, Blizzard said they only expected to ship StarCraft 2 and Cataclysm in 2010.

    A December 2009 release for Diablo 3 would fit in with this statement perfectly.


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  11. Xyd

    I love the banner for their features:

    # Randomization
    # Easy, approachable interface
    # Retirement System
    # Pets
    # Character Classes
    # Fishing

    Randomization? Fishing? As banner features? Eek.

    Would love to hear how you like it Wilhelm. I’m in if you say it’s worth it. But I too will need a non-Steam method. Steam is just evil.


  12. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Randomization is a feature that goes towards replayability.

    Fishing, though, is an underrated feature. I have a theory about fishing, which I will share in a post at some future date.

    Google should buy Valve and run Steam so we can concentrate evil.


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