LOTRO – The Benefits of a Lifetime Subscription

I get notes from Turbine every so often about offers and upcoming events related to Lord of the Rings Online.  As somebody with a lifetime subscription, I am always “on” as far as they are concerned, and I do not mind even when I’m not spending time in Middle-earth.

The latest items in my inbox are, of course, focused on the upcoming Siege of Mirkwood expansion and the new Adventurer’s Pack, both of which will be live on or about December 1st.

If you are on a standard subscription plan, you can get Mirkwood for “free” by upgrading your account to a multi-month payment plan by October 31st.

As a lifetime subscriber, I cannot change my subscription plan, so that deal is lost to me.  Instead they have something else for me.


As a lifetime subscriber, if I pre-order the Adventurer’s Pack by October 31st, I also get the Siege of Mirkwood expansion as part of the deal.

Now, you can debate as to which is the better deal.  I am sure people will have their own preferences.  But for me, the Adventurer’s Pack is probably the more beneficial of the two items for sale, so I would probably end up buying it either way.

And the key item for me in the Adventurer’s Pack is this:

Shared storage: A storage space capable of storing 20 items accessible by all your characters on the same LOTRO server/world.

As a crafter/pack rat, one of the annoyances of coming back to play the game every couple of months is finding that all my bank slots are full and that I have items for one character stored up on another.  This package will, improve my quality of life some.

The other items, the two extra character slots, the new mount, and the speed boosting cloak are all nice, but storage is always a pain for me.

So I would have bought the Adventurer’s Pack no matter what, but now I get Siege of Mirkwood as well.

9 thoughts on “LOTRO – The Benefits of a Lifetime Subscription

  1. TheElitist

    I still have my lifetime subscription key from the pre-release package, but the game could never interest me as EVE and WoW can, so I just have it sitting here.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Coppertopper – The pre-release Lifetime sub was $199, but after release they made it $299. However, it has always been available and they have, for special occasions, offered it again for $199.


  3. We Fly Spitfires

    I’ve considered the lifetime sub to LotRO but I just couldn’t justify the costs. It’s one of those games that I know is good and I will play at some point but I keep getting distracted by other things.


  4. JoBildo

    I’ve recently had the chance to go on a walkthrough of the Mirkwood expansion, and for $20 that thing’s a steal. And considering you can get it for free if you take advantage of any of the special offers, I’m pretty tempted. Think I’ll pre-order the adventurer’s pack next week. And grab Moria finally for $10 off their site.


  5. P barrington

    Be carefull when paying for lifetime subs – turbine are now in the process of taking these and then finding some lame ass reason to ban your from the game without giving you access to talk to a senior manager. Thus generating money for nothing. I am trying to find if anyone else has had the same problem in order to start a class action suit.


  6. Vett

    I actually just resumed my multi month subscription and the option for the $199.00 subscription was given to me so it should be still available to people. I might consider it myself if I find myself still immersed in LOTRO after my 3 months are up!


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