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October in Review

The Site

I’m now fully a month into the fourth year and I still manage to pollute the blogosphere with 20-25 posts a month, many of which contain a “TL;DR” amount of text.  I am surprised I have kept going this long.

Of course, we are at a bit of a crisis point, what with the main thread of the blog, the instance group, at something of a crossroads.

On the other hand, I have apparently not mined out the rich vein of gaming nostalgia yet.  Of late I have been returning again to TorilMUD and how things used to be.

Of course, unlike a lot of past online games, TorilMUD has the advantage of still being around so I can go refresh my memory.  Even it has changed a lot over the last 16 years though. (But they have a nice new web site up now!  Heck, they even have a Twitter feed!)  And they have been trying to align the combat systems more with the current d20 system that D&D uses.  Farewell THAC0!

One Year Ago

In one of the worst kept secrets, it was announced that BioWare’s MMO project was in fact Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Their subscription goals were, of course, quite modest. (NOT!)

I celebrated my 15 years of playing Sojourn/TorilMUD with the first in a series of posts that I am still working on.  Nostalgia FTW!

And speaking of Nostalgia, Tipa was out looking for EverQuest blogs.  I’m not sure any were discovered.

The instance group formed up a guild and was running in Warhammer Online.  We had our best night and our worst night, plus a few that were somewhere in between.  All in all though, things were not as exciting as we had hoped.

Mythic was trying out incentives to get better server balance while starting to talk about new stuff coming soon.  Not a word about the quest log however.

In EVE Online Potshot, Gaff, and I were playing with fleets and I was flying a shiny new ship.

And I stared logging into World of Warcraft again to get things lined up for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  I managed to survive through the controversial scourge event and was intrigued by these shiny new achievements.

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Search Terms of the Month

dead disney caracter
[Bambi’s Mother?]

explosive mushrooms
[not the kind with which you want to experiment]

i got to the place where shaymin is but

“i own a freighter”
[me too!]

how to do headless horseman twice
[first get him drunk…]

herve villechaize
[Da plane!]

Spam Comment of the Month

Don’t let porksword rust
[Is that a Kingdom of Loathing thing?]

Dungeons & Dragons Online

As part of the continuation of the instance group, we have begun scouting other games that might lend themselves to our play budget.  Dungeon & Dragons Online, now available with a free to play, item store supported option seems like a possible fit.  Potshot, Gaff, and I have rolled up characters, but we have not decided yet whether the title is worth pursuing in the long term.

EVE Online

Still mostly dormant for me.  I have been skilling up my main character.  He will be able to fly a Hulk soon, so he will have some flexibility in mining ops if/when we get back to New Eden.  Since flying the Orca got me most of the skills for a Hulk, I figured I ought to finish that off.  After that, I’m not sure what training goal I will go after.

Lord of the Rings Online

I pre-ordered that Adventurer’s Pack, which means that the Siege of Mirkwood expansion will be available to me come December 1st.  Of course, I still haven’t seen Moria….

Star Trek Online

I didn’t get in the closed beta, but I am on the press release email list, so I get nothing but teases about the game.  Still, I hear it is coming out next year.


Another distraction!

World of Warcraft

The instance group still lingers in Azeroth.  Certainly the “swap to horde” idea was an easy decision for the group, since the barrier to entry were so low.  We will see how well that sticks.

In fact, we haven’t played the horde guys too much over the last two weeks, since Hallow’s End has been going on.  Instead we went after the Headless Horseman and the achievements, stopping off at the Trial of the Champion while we were there.  But if you go to Pugchecker now, you’ll see that we are flagged green for all of the standard 5-person instance bosses.

Coming Up

I am sure there will be some more highs and lows with Torchlight.  It is a v1.0 (or v1.1) product, so there are always issues, some of which I have already encountered.

There is more nostalgia to be squeezed from TorilMUD.

And we’re getting to the point where I am going to have to look back and see if wacky predictions I made at the start of the year have managed to come true.

And, as always, tales of the instance group.