And We Were Upset About a $10 Horse…

Where is Darren when we need him?

Surely this will bring him back for another post!

Yes, Blizzard has turned that corner at last and is now selling in-game items for real life money.  No more buying trading cards… well, actually, you’ll probably still have to do that if you want every possible item… the cash store is open, show us the money!


For Sale - $10 Each

For myself, I am going to again restate my indifference to buying items in game.  It is a PvE game, so my fun is generally detached from your fun regardless of how many trinkets you buy.  You want the $10 pet?   Knock yourself out.

Will I buy these pets?  I am going to say no.  $10 seems like a lot of cash for either of these guys, the panda’s contribution to charity fig leaf not withstanding.  Get back to me when there is a special mount for sale.

However, this evening my daughter will get to log into WoW and she is going to see that Panda on the splash screen and she is going to want it.

At that point I will have to start on another futile discussion about money and how it is not infinitely generated from the plastic cards in my wallet.  Then she will want to spend her own money on it (her saved up birthday, holiday, and tooth fairy money adds up to the low three figures, so she has declared herself “rich”) and I will feel compelled to nip that in the bud.

My big hope is that she’ll just zip through the splash screen the way she zips through quest text and miss it completely.

But at some point she is going to see it or see a panda in game and the question will come up.  Pandas have that effect on a sub-set of females in my experience.

In fact, you should have seen Ula’s reaction when I mentioned a panda on guild chat last night.  Sorry about that Skronk.

13 thoughts on “And We Were Upset About a $10 Horse…

  1. syncaine

    Everyone should be cheering these pets, as they easily allow you to identify just who exactly would blow $10. Looking for a PUG has never been easier. Panda or lich, pass. It’s just too bad they don’t sell something like a face tattoo or neon hair dye, so you could identify these people at all times.


  2. Facepalm

    Agreed, totally indifferent. Too expensive, maybe $2 I guess.

    I do, however, like the fact that Blizzard seems to have drawn the line in the sand (for now) that items it sells are simply cosmetic. They have no impact on the game world or those in it. As opposed to DDO where you can buy that epic Uber Axe of Pig Smiting, or what have you.

    How long do you think it will take before you can simply purchase your epic loot in WoW? Will it ever happen and does it even matter? Same old discussion I guess.


  3. Riknas

    Well, here’s the test isn’t it? It’s what we’re willing to pay for, if it has that value to enough people, and the number of people bite? I guess its here to say.

    Vanity items are hit/miss to a lot of people, the only time where the concern arises is the need to be competitive in the game. As FacePalm said, there’s no +2 defense or whatever to these pets…paying money to stand out however? Go knock yourself out.


  4. Stabs

    It certainly does support Darren’s point about Runes of Magic setting the price point.

    The horse established that $10 was a reasonable price that many people would pay. Now other games are using $10 as their entry level shop item.

    The reason I think most of us gave Darren a hard time back then is because it was never realistic to prevent the introduction of $10 microtransactions. Even if the entire blogosphere had boycotted the $10 horse the people who blog and the people who read us are probably < 1% of the player base.

    Also even that wasn't going to happen because a number of bloggers were actually very prepared to pay $10. I remember someone saying at the time I wish WoW had $10 mounts as an option.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    No worries Gordon, I know plenty of people who have run out and bought them. One of my hard core raiding friends IM’d me this:

    I got Lil K.T. and the panda monk. Adorable! I love the karate chops the panda does. And he will bow to you!


  6. Rix

    I agree with Facepalm liking that the store sells only cosmetic stuff. If WoW starts selling epic items for real money, it would only cheapen the experience: rich players will shell out money to be as geared as raiders who put hours into their loot. Blizz would get oodles of cash but lose all the fun of their game.


  7. Morane

    Facepalm : “How long do you think it will take before you can simply purchase your epic loot in WoW? Will it ever happen and does it even matter?”

    Actually I think it does matter. We’re already at the point where people want to check your gear and achievements before they’ll let you join their PUG for heroics.

    If Blizzard start selling that Uber Axe of Pig Smiting, a best-in-slot weapon, then you will essentially be forced to buy it if you want to play the game.


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