Daily Archives: November 10, 2009

24 Slots is a Portable Hole?

WoW.com has a post up today that says Haris Pilton, vendor of the “Gigantique” bag in Shattrath, will be getting an even bigger bag when WoW patch 3.3 comes out.

The new bag, called the Portable Hole, will have 24 slots and will cost 3,000 gold.  It will no doubt be a boon for OCD packrats everywhere in Azeroth.


Picture stolen from Wow.com

But to call 24 slots a “Portable Hole” seems a bit of an over-statement in my book.

After all, I’ve see what a Portable Hole can hold.

Blizzard, call me back when your Portable Hole can carry all of that or change the name.

Or do you think we’re never going to see a bigger container in game?