24 Slots is a Portable Hole?

WoW.com has a post up today that says Haris Pilton, vendor of the “Gigantique” bag in Shattrath, will be getting an even bigger bag when WoW patch 3.3 comes out.

The new bag, called the Portable Hole, will have 24 slots and will cost 3,000 gold.  It will no doubt be a boon for OCD packrats everywhere in Azeroth.


Picture stolen from Wow.com

But to call 24 slots a “Portable Hole” seems a bit of an over-statement in my book.

After all, I’ve see what a Portable Hole can hold.

Blizzard, call me back when your Portable Hole can carry all of that or change the name.

Or do you think we’re never going to see a bigger container in game?

9 thoughts on “24 Slots is a Portable Hole?

  1. Rob

    Only 24 slots? Bad name aside, I have 20 slot bags and I cannot IMAGINE throwing down 3000 gold a PIECE for an extra 4 slots per bag. For 3000 gold a piece I would be more likely to bite if it had 30 slots or something like that.


  2. Bhagpuss

    When I played AD&D a portable hole would hold everything. The universe, if you could figure out a way to tip it in.


  3. DDM

    “I have 20 slot bags and I cannot IMAGINE throwing down 3000 gold a PIECE for an extra 4 slots per bag. ”

    I have all 22-slot bags on my main and am probably going to buy 4 of these Portable Holes. To give you an idea of how much money I don’t need, do you see that ring under the hole that costs 2,400 gold? I bought that for my bank alt. All it does it give the right hang a brief sparkle effect.

    Mind you, it takes me days to farm 3k gold, but there’s really nothing else to do with it at this point.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I was actually a bit surprised it was “only” 3K, since if you are out there like Gevlon and working the gold making scene, 3K isn’t a huge setback and this is quite clearly meant to be a gold sink to get some cash out of the economy. (If it had 30 slots, I’d say it wasn’t a gold sink.)

    Even I have managed to get into five figures of gold a few times, though that is mostly through me being tight-fisted and refusing to buy materials that I could go out and mine myself. That is why it took me quite a while to get to 450 engineering.


  5. Xyd

    I gotta agree wholeheartedly — Sojourn/Toril’s Portable Hole was much more akin to my idea of how much a portable hole should hold. And, 24 slots for 3k just isn’t enough of a boost.

    On a lighter note I was wandering around in Lightninghoof last night a totally forgot it was pvp. Won’t make that mistake again anytime soon.


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