Daily Archives: November 11, 2009

Torchlight – Picking the Wrong Vendor

The weekend has come and gone and Runic released their patch as promised.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a patch, it was a full re-build of the installer.  You need to uninstall the original version and install this new version.

This was all done for the right reasons, so I do not know if I can fault them for making this choice.  But it has left me waiting for the update.

The problem is, they say, that each of the digital vendors needs to add in their own DRM scheme.  As of this morning, some of the vendors have done that, and some have not.

Of course, I bought my copy via Direct2Drive, so I do not have access yet to the update yet and there is no word on when that may happen.

Lesson learned?  Try and buy directly from the company if possible I suppose.

Now, on the bright side, I am not suffering from any of the major, game-play stopping issues, so it isn’t critical for me to get this update.  I just have some mild, irrational anxiety knowing that I will have to reinstall.

Until then, I’m waiting for Direct2Drive.

Faults of the New Shaman

Our move over to the horde side of the Lightninghoof PvP-RP server has been progressing slowly.

We’re trying new classes and getting used to new home towns.

One of the classes I have been playing with is the shaman.  It is a fun class so far and I have a lot to learn about it, mana management being high on the list.

But I have a problem with the class.

At level 16 I got the ghost wolf form, which is a travel form that gives a speed boost akin to the druid’s cheetah form.  That part is great.

The problem is that the ghost wolf is… well… a ghost.  Unfortunately, for somebody who has spent a bit of time playing a rogue and a lot of time playing a druid in cat form, being a ghost has the same visual effect as being stealthed.


Ghost Wolf

And while I know at some higher intellectual level that being a ghost is not the same as being stealthed, something in my brain keeps making that assumption.

I’ll be running across the Barrens and see something to harvest on the far side of a few aggro mobs, so I’ll just weave between them like they can’t see me.

Only they can see me.

At that point it is usually a good thing I am in travel form because I have to run away for a bit while I remind myself that I am not stealthed.

That lasts for about five minutes and then I do something similar.

It is really annoying.  But it is like breaking any habit, it is going to take time.