Torchlight – Picking the Wrong Vendor

The weekend has come and gone and Runic released their patch as promised.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a patch, it was a full re-build of the installer.  You need to uninstall the original version and install this new version.

This was all done for the right reasons, so I do not know if I can fault them for making this choice.  But it has left me waiting for the update.

The problem is, they say, that each of the digital vendors needs to add in their own DRM scheme.  As of this morning, some of the vendors have done that, and some have not.

Of course, I bought my copy via Direct2Drive, so I do not have access yet to the update yet and there is no word on when that may happen.

Lesson learned?  Try and buy directly from the company if possible I suppose.

Now, on the bright side, I am not suffering from any of the major, game-play stopping issues, so it isn’t critical for me to get this update.  I just have some mild, irrational anxiety knowing that I will have to reinstall.

Until then, I’m waiting for Direct2Drive.

13 thoughts on “Torchlight – Picking the Wrong Vendor

  1. misc

    Or you could buy from Steam.

    My experience with Steam has been nothing short of fantastic, and I’ve been buying games through them for over two years now.


  2. Random Poster

    I am curious as to why the aversion to steam.

    I tend to use either D2D or Steam depending on if one has a preorder bonus or a sale/special going on.

    Steam to me wins out overall just for the convenience of auto patching all the games. If D2D had its own auto update that would be nice.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    No. I’m not going to turn this thread into an argument about Steam, which is what it would become without a shadow of a doubt.

    It would be like the thread about not wanting to give Mythic a credit card to use their 10 day trial. My knowledge and experience has lead me to say that I will do no such thing. People then nit picked and theorized and hurled insults. Fuck that.

    So just take it as read that my knowledge and past experience with Steam was such that I cannot foresee myself ever using that service again. And if you encourage me to use Steam, I will merely repeat that it is not an option for me.


  4. Random Poster

    Lol understood sir. I have a friend who feels the same way ever since the initial release of Steam with HL2 which was ,well, FUBAR to put it nicely


  5. SynCaine

    I think D2D does have an auto-patcher now, if you download the additional free software thing (forget the name now). I don’t bother because I don’t like auto-patching single player games, and the 10 seconds or so it takes me to get a patch is just fine with me. Don’t need an external auto-patcher for 95% of my gaming, MMOs.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    “Hudson uses Steam” is the sort of argument I would use with my parents that would get the response, “If Hudson jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge would you want to do that too?”

    Anyway, Direct2Drive is now listed as having the update available, so I can check that box and move on.


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