Five Years of EverQuest II

Five years ago I rolled my first character, Nomu Stonemantle, a dwarf priest, in the post-cataclsym world of Norrath that is the setting for EverQuest II.

It was my primary game for a good 18 months and I have gone back to visit on a number of occasions.

While I have not played for almost a year at this point, I am sure I will be back at some point.

Norrath, both pre and post-cataclysm are virtual places, but places with real memories for me.

4 thoughts on “Five Years of EverQuest II

  1. Sinnir

    I still flirt with the idea of reinstalling EQ1 just to run around the PoK and revisit what started my online gaming ventures.


  2. Troy

    I too left the old world behind and enter the new, five years ago. I started my gnome warlock back on November 9th and have been playing the game almost non stop for the five last five years. Since then I even added a second account and dual box most of the time. I have been in several guilds and have met many, many people.

    I still marvel at the fun of the game and look forward to the anniversary gift and then the next expansion.


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