Arceus Obtained

My daughter and I finally dusted off our Nintendo DSes and made our way down to Toys R Us to download Arceus on the last day of the event.



We were alone downloading at the store.  I imagine that those with Pokemon on their mind grabbed theirs last weekend.

The process was simple as usual.  We have been to enough download events that there were no mysteries involved.

My daughter, on getting her first close look at Arceus declared it a complete rip-off of Dialga.



I don’t quite see the resemblance myself, but I am probably distracted by that pet fence that Arceus appears to gotten stuck half way down his body.

2 thoughts on “Arceus Obtained

  1. Dave Batterson

    I forgot all about the DS.. Haven’t messed with it in years. Ive been knee deep in Ps3 like most of the other gamerz. D.S. had some pretty cool games but seems like it was short lived.


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