Now That Is Disturbing

The effects of Blizzard’s latest marketing scheme.

Vikund Gets Mohawked

Blizzard has Mr. T out there doing commercials for Wow again, and to coincide with this they have introduced the night elf mohawk grenade.

When it hits you, you get the the head shown above.  Gold chains not included.  Look to get hit in your local auction house.

Fortunately, you just need to right click to dismiss the effect.

9 thoughts on “Now That Is Disturbing

  1. James

    I thought it would be funny on my Orc Warrior. It was flat out creepy. The ears were gigantic and misshapen, and overall just had a really poor look to it.

    Fun idea, though.


  2. Morane

    Yeah that was funny, for about 10s then I clicked the buff off. Fortunately there doesn’t seem to be an achievement to go with it.

    OT : Hmmm, where in Azeroth is Vikund standing in that shot? Stormwind?


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Morane – Vikund is standing in Stormwind outside the auction house area (those are the steps to the bank over his shoulder) at one of the traditional corpse spam points, which was being spammed even as I took the shot.

    @Heartless_ – Now I am going to have to throw some in the scrum in front of Wintergrasp.


  4. Inktomi

    It lasts one full day?! Can you at least turn it off or are you stuck with it for 24 hours. I might be more interested in an ozzy look that comes with a cool pair of tinted wirerims, an enabling wife and a years supply up of painkillers.

    “Sharon! Where did you put mah med-E-CAY-tion…”


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The grenade itself, which you get from a guy who just hands them out right by the starter area (wow, we hand grenades to kids!), lasts for one day.

    The effect from being within the radius of the grenade explosion (which actually looks more like a Rip Taylor grenade) is to put the Mr. T Mohawk buff on you, which lasts an hour and which you can dispel as though it were a beneficial buff.


  6. Xyd

    “as though it were a beneficial buff”

    You should get a +10 toughness while the effect is in place. And an increased aggro radius.


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