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Post Titles it is Killing Me Not to Use

I am probably never going to find time to play either of these games, so I will never get to do a post with either of these titles.

First there is Allods.  I have to think that somebody out there is going to go with my favorite:

Against Allods

Sure, not everybody is a fan of the film, but there are lots of references to choose from on that one, including a Hardy Boys novel.  It does not even have to be a negative post.  It could be about success against all odds!

Then there is Alganon. I can’t help but want to use this title for a post:

Flowers for Alganon

Okay, maybe all of you didn’t read the story in school, but I think I could make it work, bending it so the game seems to think it is getting smarter by lifting the WoW UI wholesale (discount wholesale from the look of it) and transplanting it on top of itself.  Hard to spin this as an upside I suppose, but if you don’t like the game, this is a ready made indictment.

Plus, I also think there is a Gary Gannon joke to be made from the game’s name by somehow implying that he has a brother named “Al”  or something.

(Speaking of which, where did Gary Gannon go?  He was doing some great stuff at AGDC, then poof, his site is down.  Game Breakr, Broken.)

Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest.

I’m never going to go there, so feel free to use any joke (intentional or accidental) that I have made here.

I’ll go back to figuring out how I can work “Large Hadron Collider” into a title.

Heh… heh… he said… wait… “hadron?”

A Chorus Line (of Gold Sellers)

More shenanigans in Stormwind.

Previously I noted the ongoing gold seller corpse spam in town.   I see it all the time in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

This morning, when checking the auction house I saw something new.

There on the steps of the bank were a line of level one female paladins.

Eight Fair Pallys All In A Row

Every few seconds they would all do an emote in unison.

Pally Cheer! Go Team!

At first I though this might be somebody playing with their multi-boxing software, showing off how they can control 8 characters at a time.

Then I noticed that the first 8 letters of the name of each of these paladins was the same.  And if you took those 8 letters and added a “.com” to them and went to that URL, you would find yourself at a gold sellers site.

Then I saw.  Corpse spam had run its course… or Blizzard has found a way to block it… so now we’re getting something new.

Look for this at the Stormwind bank on a server near you!

I wonder if the horde will get synchronised blood elf maidens?

Why Yes, I am a Pilgrim

We’re on an Azeroth holiday roll.  Members of our regular group, including myself, have managed to complete the tasks for the meta achievement for the last few holidays.  Brewfest, Hallow’s End, and Pilgrim’s Bounty have now fallen to us.

However I was not sure that Pilgrim’s Bounty was going to fly.

Most of the achievements were pretty easy.  There was the usual round of gimmes for simple tasks.  Those didn’t bother me.

Nor did the Sethekk Halls run for Terokkar Turkey Time give me much to worry about.  I knew we could take down Talong King Ikiss as a group while wearing pilgrim’s hats and clothes.  Heck, on my scouting mission I managed to kill him solo.

Even the potentially annoying Turkey Lurkey achievement, which required you to go blast a rogue of each race with a 1 shot turkey shooter wasn’t all that daunting.  It would be more of a test of patience hanging around Dalaran waiting for the right rogue to show up.

No, it was The Turkinator that almost brought me low.

Running around and killing 40 level 1 wild turkeys turned out to be more difficult that it sounds.  That 30 second time limit to find the next turkey was a curse, as I would be on a streak, closing in on 30, and I would suddenly run into somebody else doing the same thing.  Or, being clever, I would run around the edges of Elwynn Forest only to run into a dry patch of no turkeys and have to start the count all over again.

Did you know that turkeys and murlocs apparently to not mix?  It’s true.

Finally, Potshot found a prime spot for turkey hunting and got the achievement.  On his advice I ran of to hunt in Trisfal Glades in the area between Scarlest Monastery and The Bulwark.  On my third try, I managed, at last, to get to 40 turkeys.

Turkinator! A Turkey Triumph!

By that point, the only thing I needed for the meta achievement was an orc rogue.  Potshot was kind enough to spare my patience and roll one up to play target for myself and others. (I later spread the joy myself by getting out my dwarf rogue for achievement target practice.)

The Aptly Named Orc Rogue

One shot and the achievement was mine.

That got me the title “Pilgrim” and the plump turkey pet in the mail.

But I was not done yet.

The plump turkey turned out to be my 49th companion pet.  One more and I would get another achievement.

I quickly consulted the big list of WoW companion pets to see if there wasn’t one left I could get quickly.

After some time, I realized that Vikund had not gotten the Ancona Chicken, a purchasable pet out a the Mirage Raceway.

Off I flew to buy a chicken.

And with that chicken came the achievement.

That achievement comes with a reward.  And what would any companion pet collector want?

Another pet!  So now I have 51 pets, including Stinky the Skunk.

A man and his skunk

Only 24 more pets to get the final pet collecting achievement.

I am not, however, going to buy those two pets from Blizzard.  No, I won’t!  Stop looking at me like that!

Anyway, this furthered my modest goal to get least one third of the achievements in WoW.  Not quite “Little Gray” level of effort, but I have that whole day job thing going on.

Next up, the Feast of Winter Veil.