Post Titles it is Killing Me Not to Use

I am probably never going to find time to play either of these games, so I will never get to do a post with either of these titles.

First there is Allods.  I have to think that somebody out there is going to go with my favorite:

Against Allods

Sure, not everybody is a fan of the film, but there are lots of references to choose from on that one, including a Hardy Boys novel.  It does not even have to be a negative post.  It could be about success against all odds!

Then there is Alganon. I can’t help but want to use this title for a post:

Flowers for Alganon

Okay, maybe all of you didn’t read the story in school, but I think I could make it work, bending it so the game seems to think it is getting smarter by lifting the WoW UI wholesale (discount wholesale from the look of it) and transplanting it on top of itself.  Hard to spin this as an upside I suppose, but if you don’t like the game, this is a ready made indictment.

Plus, I also think there is a Gary Gannon joke to be made from the game’s name by somehow implying that he has a brother named “Al”  or something.

(Speaking of which, where did Gary Gannon go?  He was doing some great stuff at AGDC, then poof, his site is down.  Game Breakr, Broken.)

Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest.

I’m never going to go there, so feel free to use any joke (intentional or accidental) that I have made here.

I’ll go back to figuring out how I can work “Large Hadron Collider” into a title.

Heh… heh… he said… wait… “hadron?”

6 thoughts on “Post Titles it is Killing Me Not to Use

  1. Dickie

    I had thought of Flowers for Alganon, and it would still be a great title even if others use it first! I love Against Allods too! Brilliant.


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