The New Definition of Disturbing

I thought the Mr. T mohawk look was disturbing before.  And then I saw this.

I pity the... eeew... you're creeping me out

That is a tauren, who has been hit with the Mr. T mohawk grenade, riding a bat in front of the Undercity.  At night.

I fear Arthas no longer, for I have seen this.

8 thoughts on “The New Definition of Disturbing

  1. dave

    I felt the exact same way. My Tauren Hunter was hit in Sholozar Basin just before I did the ride the crocodile Frenzy Quest. It’s just dreadful… yes I took screenshots.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I ran around for a while in cat form, then would change back into my mohawked tauren self to scare people. More than a couple of people went, “Eeew!”


  3. Tim

    Ah, Warcraft, game of great stories and epic worlds, game of subtle humour and slight winks to real life, what has become of thee…


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