Giant Guild Hall!

Having re-upped for Station Access, I got out Reynaldo Fabulous to see what was happening on the Guk server.

I am a junior associate stand-by reserve member of Jaye’s Revelry and Honor guild on Guk, which is celebrating an anniversary tomorrow, so I thought I would check in at the guild hall.

And when call of the guild hall finished, I found myself in a much bigger guild hall than I remember.

Looking in from the entrance

There was a huge courtyard.  So big that I thought perhaps the guild had opted for an outdoor guild hall.

Of course, Revelry and Honor is always in the spirit of the holidays, so there was a large Frostfell display already up in the middle of the courtyard.

Holiday Spirit

No small display either

I soon discovered that this was not just an outdoor affair either.  A look at the map gave me some scope, but didn’t really convey the size.

Guild Hall Map

As it turned out, there was a lot going on inside as well.  In fact, there is so much going on inside, so many objects to load, that several times I got kicked out of the zone and had to reload back at the start.

And the map doesn’t even do this justice, as there are stairs up to multiple floors.  You can even get up on to the roof.

Looking out from the roof

If you look at the first two pictures, Reynaldo was positioned on the right side of the roof of the building in the background for that picture.  And a big building it is.

Reynaldo on the roof, for scale

As Reynaldo would no doubt say, truly a fabulous guild hall.

I hesitate to ask what it costs in upkeep every week.

3 thoughts on “Giant Guild Hall!

  1. kaozz

    Very lovely Guild Hall. I’ve been in some guilds with some amazing halls. My current guild is still working on one. Hope you enjoy your stay in Norrath. I’ll be looking forward to see how it goes :D


  2. Magson

    Heh. Now I’m gonna have to dig up the video of the obstacle course someone set up in their guild hall.

    Geezm that was harder to find than I thought it would be.

    Those large guild halls are truly amazing. I wish this video had the route take you down to the basement too, but.. ah well. I still get lost in these halls from time to time, actually.


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