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Celebrate 5 Years of EQ2 with a 6 Year Veteran Reward

EverQuest II is so advanced that while it has only been around for five years, people are even now earning rewards for being with the game for six years!

How is that for progress?

There were some bonus months awarded for buying certain past expansions, something which probably seemed like a good idea to everybody except the people who had to come up with the rewards.

Anyway, they have announced what the six year rewards will be.

First, you get a hood and a cloak for your appearance slots, so everybody can see how long you’ve been around.

While the items are shown with the tag “of Destiny” the pictures on the site have the suffix “of Fate.”  You can see them at the link up above.

Then there is the inevitable experience buff that must come with all veteran rewards.  In this case, the Hammer of the Adept Hands will refill your trade skill vitality once every seven days.

Trade skillers rejoice… unless you’re already at the level cap… which you probably are if you’ve been around for six five years.  Still, you’ll zoom back to the cap come the expansion!

And then there is what I will call “the good bit,” the Call of the Veteran.

It is not exactly clear to me how this will work, but it is supposed to make travel just that much more convinient in Norrath.  From the announcement:

Never be left behind again! This trinket will allow you to teleport to a group member, bypassing those boat trips.

Probably the perfect thing for a nostalgia trip.  You can get around, see the sights, and be back in the guild hall in time for dinner.

All of these pictures are from the EQ2 Players site.

If you are eligible, you should be able to /claim these items starting on December 9th.

This Just In: People Love The Following Games

The start of the year end lists is upon us.

I saw over on Sneaky Hobbits that Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online was the number one entry MMORPG.COM’s user ratings for 2009.

That, in and of itself, is not controversial in my mind.  LOTRO is a good game built on the hugely popular Middle-earth lore, Turbine has been dedicated to improving the game over time, and it has a loyal user base.

But, of course, the prospect of a list was too much to resist.  I like a good list… and love a bad list even more so some days, so I decided to see where other games fell.

Here are the top 33, which represent all of the games ranked 8.0 or better out of a scale of 1 to 10.

  1. Lord of the Rings Online 8.38
  2. Atlantica Online 8.30
  3. EVE Online 8.29
  4. Fallen Earth 8.28
  5. EverQuest II 8.26
  6. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes 8.25
  7. Guild Wars8.23
  8. Ryzom 8.23
  9. Warhammer Online 8.23
  10. Dark Age of Camelot 8.22
  11. Guild Wars Factions 8.22
  12. Final Fantasy XI 8.22
  13. Guild Wars Nightfall 8.21
  14. Perfect World 8.20
  15. City of Villains 8.20
  16. City of Heroes 8.20
  17. The Chronicles of Spellborn 8.20
  18. Champions Online 8.16
  19. Ultima Online 8.15
  20. Runes of Magic 8.13
  21. Lineage 2 8.09
  22. Requiem: Bloodymare 8.08
  23. Anarchy Online 8.08
  24. EverQuest 8.08
  25. PlanetSide 8.07
  26. Asheron’s Call 8.07
  27. Sword of the New World 8.06
  28. World of Warcraft 8.06
  29. Dungeons & Dragons Online 8.04
  30. Dekaron 8.02
  31. Battleground Europe 8.02
  32. ROSE Online 8.01
  33. Cabal 8.00

That is an… interesting list.

When you consider that the difference we’re talking about here, the gap between a rating of 8.0 and a rating of 8.38, is about the same as the difference between a B and a B-, you can assume that these games are all enjoyed by groups of players who each think about as highly of their game of choice.

These games are all equal to their users in some very abstract sense.

Yes, I know we’re looking at an epic mis-use of statistics with bad, and probably inadequate, samples, self-selecting respondents, no weight given to number of respondents, no range of responses shown, and no indication of the gap, if any, between professional reviews and these player reviews.  So you have to take that in stride when you look at this.

Now when any one of us goes over that list, I’m sure we all see something on there that makes us go, “No way.”

For example, I see Requiem: Bloodymare on that list and frown slightly.  I played the game for a bit and never mentioned it, thinking that was exactly how much coverage it deserved.  But somebody likes it.  Several somebodies in fact, enough to get it an 8.08 score on this list, putting it ever so slightly ahead of World of Warcraft.

I’m probably less surprised by the games that made it to 8.0 or greater than those that did not.  Wizard 101, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Aion fell just shy of the 8.0 mark, while Darkfall, with an ever vocal community, was way down the list with a score of 7.09.  No doubt a forum post will fix that. (“Go vote for us!” posts are perfectly acceptable in my opinion.)

How about your favorite game?  Did it score above 8.0?