Star Trek Online Options We’d Like to See

Star Trek Online.  It’s coming.

Okay, so the myriad of pre-order and special edition options that Atari and Cryptic have announced so far (are they done yet?)  have certainly made the task of what to buy a little more challenging than is common for an MMO launch.

Still, we all have another choice here.

We can complain about how Cryptic and Atari have apparently gone off the rails on the bonus item front.

Or we can embrace change and encourage it towards it ultimate silly destination.

(Personally, I plan to do both, but that is another story.)

So in the interest of embracing change, I have begun to formulate a list additional pre-order, special edition, or other purchase option bonus features that I think Cryptic and/or Atari should look into.

That is what I have come up with so far.

What other options should Cryptic and Atari consider?

I’m sure I can think of more.

Or maybe I’ll go watch that fleet action video yet again and try to forget this.

13 thoughts on “Star Trek Online Options We’d Like to See

  1. shockologist

    How about…

    A “Shut up Wesley” audio emote
    buy @ an adult bookstore for Special Deana unlockables.
    B4 data mode….just to make the day more interesting
    and let us not forget…
    a special emote button that sounds off various Q insults randomly

    Those special editions I would buy lol.


  2. James

    Agreed with the “Shut up Wesley” and Q emotes… though I admit I have to disagree with the author on their description of the Monster Maroons – overall, I think those are my favorite Starfleet uniforms to date. YMMV.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Maybe “awful” is too strong, but they always seemed so bulky relative to the TOS uniforms, not to mention that we lost the whole science/command/security tunic color scheme. But it was the 80s and many new things were tried that were less than successful.

    I feel vindicated in my initial reaction to them by the fact that TNG went back to much lighter weight uniforms with the branch of service colors.


  4. *vlad*

    While I will always be a Star Trek fan (original flavour only of course), I do find all these extra options incredibly nerdy, and your tongue-in-cheek ones are no different than those actually being offered.

    What is it about Star trek in particular that is so cringe-inducing?


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I got a note from “McJigg” that indicated that the Mirror Universe uniform option was what people got it they pre-ordered the Champions Online lifetime subscription during the beta.

    I can’t even make stuff up without it being real.

    @Vlad – I think Star Trek was nerdy before nerdy was really acceptable, while at the same time being popular. As other people were going to parties for pyramid schemes and est, a whole sub-culture was heading down to the hotel by the airport for a Star Trek convention.

    If you say you like Star Wars, people are generally fine with that. But when you say Star Trek, the “Trekkie” tag gets attached and people begin to suspect that you have a pair of pointy ears at home in your closet.

    I think D&D still has a bit of that same stigma. It was also influencing culture in its own way before the culture really knew what to do with it.

    And then the web and cheap access to the internet came along and we all figured out how popular our own little hobbies and obsessions really were.


  6. Badelf

    Wow, this is some funny stuff. I should read this site more often. *ducks*
    My favorites:
    Yeoman Rand soft focus option
    “Awful uniforms from the early movies” option
    Aliens Kirk slept with bridge crew


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