The Lich King… Bond Style

Having all of the James Bond movies on DVD at our house, I feel fully equipped to appreciated this video.

The theme from Casino Royale played out with WoW characters but fully in the spirit of Bond movie credits.

Stunningly awesome for a Bond fan like me.

9 thoughts on “The Lich King… Bond Style

  1. Ponder

    Do repetitive boring things, and get rewarded …

    Hey isn’t that modern corporate life. Damn those MMOs, who pretend to offer escapism.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @SynCaine – Arthas snores, so Mrs. Lich King makes him wear one of those Breath Right nose strips at night. I mean, look at him in that shot, he is obviously just waking up in the morning. heh.


  3. Badelf

    I fell in love with that song as soon as I heard it, listened to it fifteen times and then went and googled the sh*t out of Chris Cornell. Well, as well I could from my warm comfy bed with my new down comforter while on my iPod.


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