Interview with Erik Estavillo!

“Who is Erik Estavillo?” I hear you ask.

Erik Estavillo is that guy who is suing Blizzard because he feels that World or Warcraft isn’t easy enough yet.

Refresher quote from the story about him over at GameSpot:

He first takes exception to the game’s $14.99 monthly subscription fee, calling it the highest of any MMORPG. He contends the fee is aggravated by the game requiring players to travel great distances at a slow walking or running pace, with fast travel options like teleportation stones and mounts only available to gamers who rise to an advanced level or purchase the game’s expansion packs.

Yeah, him.  He is also the guy who has sued Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo over various issues he has had with their console systems.

Anyway, the team over at Binge Gamer’s The Bender Podcast got him on the line for an interview in episode 14!

Truly an achievement of note!

You can hear Erik Estavillo state his position in his own words.

And if that isn’t enough, Erik also has his own web site now, EstaVideo – All Things Erik Estavillo.


Addendum June 2020: The podcast and Erik’s site are long gone, the links dead.  The Internet Archive has the page for the podcast, but All Things Erik Estavillo was never backed up there.  But he is still around, suing Twitch because they allow attractive women to stream.

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