The Wintergrasp Cheat?

I was up for Wintergrasp the other day and ended up being involved in an odd battle.

2 minutes 11 seconds into Wintergrasp

As noted, this picture was taken just over two minutes into the battle.

There are 11 vehicles rolling towards the keep.  Not catapults, but demolishers and siege engines.

At some point between the kick off and that point, 11 members of the horde team managed to get promoted to lieutenant and roll almost all the way to the keep.  More than 11 actually, since at least one siege engine has gone down in that picture.

Usually in the morning battles in which I get involved, the first 3-5 minutes is spent standing around at the front gate of the keep trying to kill enough people so you can get the rank gain that allows you to pilot first catapults then siege engines and demolishers.

In fact, one of the most effective keep defenses I ever saw was when the horde side simply refused to come out and play, denying us kills and thus denying us vehicles.  Once we got a vehicle or two, they would pop out, concentrate on that vehicle, then duck back again.

But then there was the picture above.  How did they do it?  Is there another way to get promoted to lieutenant besides killing opposition players?  I believe that opposition NPCs also count towards rank, but that is still a lot of NPCs to get in two minutes.

Needless to say, we lost that round of Wintergrasp pretty quickly.

10 thoughts on “The Wintergrasp Cheat?

  1. boatorious

    I’ve also seen the early vehicles (on my side) and wondered how that could happen.

    Blizzard occasionally makes nebulous statements about variables and conditions they change to keep one side from losing too much. Easing the lieutenant requirements might be one of those things.


  2. dave

    From what I have read, this is what happens:

    Say 250 Alliance sign up for the battle of Wintergrasp and only 40 Horde sign up.

    Obviously, not so fair. So they give “buffs” to the side that has the lower numbers, the larger the gap in numbers, the bigger the buff. It is possible that the alliance really outnumbered the horde in your case by a very large margin.

    I am not willing to have this interpretation quoted as gospel, but I’d at least give it a plausible like in Mythbusters.


  3. t w

    announced last week some time, if one side keep losing in wintergrasp they will get a buff that lets them get access to vehicals earlier or something like that – done to help even things out on some servers


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I went looking and saw what posted. The thing is, on our realm, WG changes hands pretty regularly, so it cannot be ticking off of that. At least I wouldn’t think that it should be. I don’t play WG all the time, but the few times a week I do play, Alliance seems to be on offense as often as defense.

    On the other hand, the morning battles can be wildly unbalanced, so it may give tactical advantages on the fly.

    Or maybe it just decides you’ve held the keep long enough. I did note on that battle that we appeared to have defended successfully on the last round. (The main courtyard had not been breached.)


  5. Green Armadillo

    If you have tenacity, you will gain ranks more quickly. Also, the undefined bonus for losing is based on unsuccessful attacks – by definition, in the absence of a third faction, the two sides have the same number of total wins on offense (since you can’t take the keep back from yourself). Look in the logbook in the keep for the number of successful defenses and you’ll be able to tell if one side has an edge.

    Finally, there is an engineering bomb of some sort that will damage the keep door. I don’t know how the modern system works, but it used to be possible to get into the keep before the battle, paradrop into the courtyard, and bomb the door inside of a minute, without touching any of the outer walls.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @GA – Thanks.

    Yes, there are actually two engineering bombs that can damage the door, one from goblin and one from gnomish engineering. The gnomish one is kind of wimpy (I’ve thrown a few with Vikund just to say I’d done it) but I read somewhere that the goons organized a WG blitz where they went in with a pile of goblin engineers, blew the inside door, and won in some incredible record time.


  7. Stabs

    Another tactic I’ve seen is for an aerial assault from the north of the fort. Attacker arrives inside the fort as soon as the fight starts and is gradually beaten off, respawning as Lietenants at the graveyard outside (they get lieutenant because the fight inside is so hectic, easy to rack up 10 kills or whatever).

    If you were inside defending and didn’t see them maybe they attacked the inner courtyard while you were at an outside wall turret.


  8. *vlad*

    Actually as far as I know this is an exploit. I don’t have a lv 80 Horde character right now, so this is only what I’ve been told, and it works as follows:
    Horde players log out with their vehicles once they have constructed them; when the next Wintergrasp starts they log back in, and voila, Wintergrasp is over before the Alliance can muster any kind of defence.


  9. mike

    I am searching the internet wether anybody else has seen people fully res’n a seige engine,, from being completely destroyed to another one in its footprint automatically. Now that cataclysm has been here for over a year, not many people do wintergrasp, but I still do.. and I have seen this exploitation several time on the horde side.. on the screen there will be 1/15 vehicles for horde, i will destroy it,, than another one appears,, still saying 1/15 vehicles, than i destroy the second than only 1 horde pops out?? what is goin on with this??


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