Hulkageddon Returns!

If you are mining in EVE Online you had best keep an eye on who is coming and going in your system and make sure you have a your shield booster ready to activate, because it looks like Hulkageddon will return.

Yes, from January 7th through the 14th of 2010 the swarthy pirate set will be vying for billions of ISK in prize money plus special achievement awards, all for killing the most mining ships in Empire space.  You can even send in your guess as to how many Hulks you think will die in Hulkageddon II.

This is just the sort of emergent gameplay that sandbox games encourage.

Coming to a New Eden solar system near you!

Meanwhile a co-worker also reports that somebody is offering up a bounty to the person who can kill the most Zephyr scout ships in a 24 hour period.  Does somebody have any details on that?

14 thoughts on “Hulkageddon Returns!

  1. Karl

    I haven’t heard of the Zephyr bounty, but if it is player-run that might explain it. The Zephyr is a free scout ship CCP is giving out to current subscribers… I’m afraid to fly mine out of the station for fear of getting it destroyed.


  2. SynCaine

    One would think this would be more successful if it was announced AFTER it happened. For you, how easy is it to park your Hulk for a week and avoid all of this? Although something tells me that even with the announcement, lots of carebears will still die.


  3. Sören

    Over holidays I’m 500km away from my Eve client PC, so I’ve to ask a possibly dumb question about the Zephyr:

    As it is a CCP giveaway I guess neither there will be a blueprint for it nor will it be replaced like a rookie ship?

    So their number will steadily decrease as some guys shots them for fun.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Sören – Yes, there will be a limited number of Zephyr, as each current account will only get a single ship. No blueprints, no replacements. So each one that gets popped by somebody will mean one less total in the game.


  5. Carlosjuero

    Jumped into the Trial again after my first abortive attempt, this time I decided to be nosy and inquisitive and have learned much more. I am liking the game and hopefully will be able to spare cash somewhere down the road to become a true member of the community. Things like the Hulkageddon ‘event’ are a pretty good draw (not for the content, but for the fact they exist).

    Anyway, I probably should jump back into EVE soon – I have a new frigate to play with and need to rejuve my ISK balance.


  6. Dblade

    Typical EVE though, pick on the people that can’t easily fight back and call it emergent gameplay. You might be able to fit an armor tank to your Hulk and survive a noob ganker, but you wont see any epicness from it, except in forum drama.

    If they had a Militia gankageddon, they might actually have some carnage, but they tend to actually fight back.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Dblade – Well, it is emergent game play as far as I have seen it defined. I, and not CCP, chose to apply the term to Hulkageddon.

    As for picking on people who cannot easily fight back… well… yes and no.

    An exhumer versus a few destroyers isn’t a fair fight by any stretch of the imagination.

    On the flip side, I’ve heard from a couple of people previously that if the average victim had a shield booster fitted and was at the keyboard to activate it, they probably survived long enough for CONCORD to kill off the attackers.

    Fighting back… they die, you survive… seems surprisingly easy if this is true. Of course, you have to actually remember to fit the booster and be at the controls.

    Now, if they were organizing Ibisageddon, I’d have written a post condemning it. But Hulks… you’ve been in the game for a while if you’re flying a Hulk. Plus I am interested to see if additional publicity will cause a counter-force to be put together to fight the gankers as Marchosias suggested above.


  8. Tihi

    Talk about getting scammed hehe.

    Exhumer prices rise because CCP increased build requirements for whatever reason… Who has exumer bpos and make the components? 0.0 Alliances
    Who is the counter balance for bpo holders with reverse engineering? Empire corps.

    Now, the empire poses fuel cost is going to go up because there are no miners, increasing the cost to reverse engineer T2 stuff, increasing the prices overall on everything T2. Who will pay for it?


  9. Juan Kerrr

    parkin my hulks up on both accounts for this contest and gonna do missions,,, but good luck to the suicide gangs !


  10. Unknown

    i cant wait untill i can fight back…doesnt seem fair but at least if my ships die i can always make another where as you griefers have to pick on noobs to recover your losses HA

    One Day That carebear you picked on will become your enemy And Believe me we are patient


  11. Dribs

    I’m the same as you Juan, parked up and mishing .. no drama.
    But if anything at least it will be costly to those dam macro miners :)

    And Tihi – good point!


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