December in Review

The Site

I actually got a few links from sites outside of the norm. pointed my way for the first time, which is saying something given how many WoW blogs there are, when they posted the Lich King Casino Royale Style video.

Then Binge Gamer’s The Bender Podcast mentioned and linked to me two times running with regards to Star Trek Online pre-order items.  I should probably go listen to what they actually said.  I just haven’t had the time.

I also got a shout out on the Multiverse Podcast.  Thanks guys!

And, in addition to all of that I got a nice note from the local and litigious  Erik Estavillo thanking me for linking to his site and offering to let me interview him if I liked.  Interviews are not really my thing, but I thought I would mention his willingness in case somebody else wants to pick his brain.

One Year Ago

Last December seemed to be all about the micropayments and the like.  Sony Online Entertainment surprised some by putting Station Cash driven stores into EverQuest and EverQuest II.  The selection wasn’t great and the pricing seemed a bit off, but I was more interested to know what other SOE products would get the Station Cash treatment.

And then EA announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be microtransaction financed.  Or maybe they didn’t.

In EverQuest II I ran Reynaldo Fabulous from creation to level 50 in an very short (to me) stretch of time.  And then I stopped.

In Azeroth we were still coming to grips with the Northrend instances.  In Utgarde Keep we managed to kill off Prince Keleseth, but couldn’t hold it together to finish the instance.

Meanwhile, somebody was working on a WoW code, akin to the old geek code that used to clutter many a .sig file back when Usenet was cool and we knew the spammers by name.

I actually found some time to play Lord of the Rings Online.

And on the MUD nostalgia front I was reminding people what quests used to be like and sharing some really bad limericks.

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Deleted Comment of the Month

you guys are such losers get a life
[Don’t worry MMO gamers, it was on a Pokemon post]

Search Terms of the Month

Il faut donner tout pour tout
[Who am I, Dag Hammarskjöld?]

+”brent hand”
[I’m not sure I want to know…]

EVE Online

Nothing.  Really, I’ve done nothing but change skills for the last month.

Oh, sure, I flew around in my Zephyr long enough for a screen shot or two, but that was about it.

EverQuest II

As I said in my other post today, I think EverQuest II has ceased to be an active and viable game for me.  My heart just is not in it any more.  And I cannot even got back just to play with Verteran Rewards anymore.  They fixed the counter so that as of some point in mid-2009 it only adds the days you are actually subscribed, not just the days since you created your account.  A pity, since that was something that actually coaxed me back regularly.

Station Access lapses today, so I’ll have to indulge my nostalgia quickly.

Star Trek Online

I’ve pre-ordered from GameStop so I’ll get the classic Enterprise as my bonus.  Plus I went the collector’s edition route.  I am a sap that way.

World of Warcraft

The instance group has been big on the horde side of things this month.  Meanwhile my mother, my daughter, and I have all finally hit level 58 and can now proceed to the Outlands.


The Wii has seen a bit of a revival after a dormant summer.  Rock Band livened things up a bit, plus my daughter has been interested in going to back to some of the LEGO games.  We’ve been working our way through LEGO Batman again.  Catwoman is my daughter’s favorite character.  Mine too, but for different reasons I’m sure.

Coming Up

It will be a new year soon.  That means some predictions of some sort in the January 1st tradition.  Look for them tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Star Trek Online will go into open beta in January.  I’m sure I will have something to say about that.

And, of course, there is always WoW.

2 thoughts on “December in Review

  1. HarbingerZero

    “I’ve pre-ordered from GameStop so I’ll get the classic Enterprise as my bonus.”

    The whole pre-order complexity continues to intrigue me. Take this statement for example. The way the FAQ reads, your bonus for pre-ordering is the open beta and the head start. Since the Constitution item is tied to the retail code and not the pre-order code…it is your bonus, but for buying from Gamestop, not your bonus from pre-ordering…

    I think. /-:


  2. Jaggins

    If you have run out of ideas in EVE, I have a good one for you! Come hang out in 0.0! (We need miners and Plex runners, and have upgraded Sov space.)


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