Star Trek Online European Pre-Order Bonuses

The Star Trek Online area of the UK MMO Hub Star Trek Online site has a listing of all the Star Trek Online pre-order bonuses that are being offered both in Europe and North America.

It currently looks like the only in-game item that European players will get that we in North America won’t is a Starfleet Shuttle, which is available if you order via GameStation.

On the flip side, it looks like Europeans won’t face quite the myriad of conflicting choices if they pre-order. There appears to be no Constitution Class ship option, for example.

Only available in America?

On the other hand, their special Gold Edition (Collector’s Edition?) includes a T-shirt and a map of the Star Trek Universe.

That is all I have seen on the subject so far.  Has anybody seen anything else?

6 thoughts on “Star Trek Online European Pre-Order Bonuses

  1. spinks

    “On the flip side, it looks like Europeans won’t face quite the myriad of conflicting choices if they pre-order. ”

    In other words, we’re being gypped again. Oh well, at least there’s a tribble. I’m still waiting on a pre-order for STO until I see some feedback from the beta.


  2. We Fly Spitfires

    The article is actually incorrect as you can get a lot of those items if you pre-order the Digital Download Deluxe version from Dont’t think you get the ship but you do get the Joined Trill race and Khaaan! emote etc.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Spinks – Well, you’re being gypped if you cannot get the particular item you really wanted. If I really wanted that shuttle craft, I’d be in the same boat.

    And, looking at what I wrote, can you logically go from a statement, to the flip side, then to the other hand?


  4. p@tsh@t

    Yes, but only if you wait for the other shoe to drop, if its on the other foot, after the balloon has gone up.

    P.S. Don’t forget to move your clothes down on to the lower peg immediately after lunch before you write your letter home, if you’re not getting your hair cut.


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