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January in Review

The Site

January has proven to be the most active month ever here at TAGN, at least when counting page views.

As usual, that has little to do with me and a lot to do without factors outside of my control.  Heck, I was out of town for a full week in January.  What does that say?

January Page View Graph

First, I put up a couple of posts about Hulkageddon and for a while Google had me as the first result for that search term.  The mystery of Google’s love.

And then linked to my overview of the World of Warcraft Magazine, which set an all time, single day page view record for the site.

In looking around, a lot of sites covered the announcement of the magazine back in August, but scant few noted the actual arrival of it in the mailboxes of the subscribers.  So far I’ve only seen it mentioned over at Ars Technica, and I am not sure you can say that their article is leaps and bounds better than my own.

The only other noticeable boost in page views came on the day I posted my best effort at a hot looking STO avatar.

One Year Ago

A year ago I was in a Middle-earth mood.  I had rolled up some new characters on the same server as a few notable podcasters and then started trying to catch up to them.  The small and friendly community in LOTRO helped out, so I was able to do the Great Barrow with a pickup group and not feel the need to drink heavily afterward.  Of course, I sometimes feel the need to stir the pot.

I also mentioned something that involved punching Amy Tan that seemed to go down well.  According to Google, this is the only site it tracks that has ever used the exact phrase “punch Amy Tan.”  Crap, I did it again.

In WoW the instance group was working its way up to Ingvar the Plunderer.  This was the height of our “we suck” phase.

While in EVE there was a bit of mission running plus I hit a monetary milestone and 30 million skill points.

I went looking for KartRider and found that after beta Nexon apparently folded up that tent and  called it a day, at least here in the US.

I noticed that the optical drive on our Wii started making a lot of noise.  It still makes noise a year later, but it also still works.

There was that whole controversy about Wikipedia deleting entries on MUDs and MUD history.  That lead to the creation of MUD History Wiki over on Wikia.  Many MUDs are still alive and well, and sites like the MUD Connector seem to still thrive.

I pointed to a post over at Massively that showed the top selling games for October of 2008 were almost all a couple years old or more.

I hit the 1,000 post mark, which was cause for yet another milestone post and some reflection. (I’m just past the 1,400 mark a year later and I’ll probably hold off on more reflection until the 2,500 mark, so you’re safe for a while.)

Oh, and I predicted a whole bunch of crap that mostly failed to materialize.  But that didn’t stop me from trying again this year.

New Linking Sites

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In a considerable change in ranking, the guild name generator post, which has lived at first or second place for more than two years, was pushed down to sixth place.

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Search Term that Brought the Most People Here

[despite complete non-participation in any way, I got a lot of traffic]

Best Search Terms of the Month

christine “kiara” renzetti email soe
[Christine, somebody is looking for you]

golem, lord of the rings
[I think it is “Gollum.”  A golem is something else.]

Deleted Spam Comment of the Month

Fix Your Credit!  I’ll be coming back soon!
[And what if I don’t?]

EVE Online

I have been in a bit of a wind-down with EVE Online.  My alts account lapses this week and I am going to let it.  I will keep my main up, training, playing the economic game, and running a mission now and again for screen shots if nothing else.  But I think I’ll be doing internet spaceships somewhere else for a while.  Maybe.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online, a dream from my childhood, is at hand.  I’ve watched all those episodes, seen all those movies, and read far too many of the novels than I will ever admit to.  I’ve played many a game that was a poor interpretation of the Star Trek universe, including a few Trek focused MUDs and MUSHs.

I need a light grip on the weapon.  I need to lower my heart rate and breath in a smooth regular pattern.  I know day one is going to be a disaster.  I know the first month is going to be a challenge to my patience.  I must relax and be at ease with reality, let it come to me.  Because I know if I get caught hurling bricks at Cryptic’s HQ, the Los Gatos police are not really friendly to those who live in their neighboring cities.

World of Warcraft

WoW remains persistently enjoyable.  For a game that gets put down as being the dumbed down “McDonalds” or “Wal-Mart” of MMOs, I certainly seem to keep having fun playing.  The instance group, play time with my daughter, and just goofing around with Wintergrasp and achievements keeps me busy.

Coming Up

Hrmm… Star Trek Online?  Ya think?

This month I am going to try to play more and post less I think.  But every time I say that, it never plays out that way.

STO – Into The Headstart

Last night and this morning I haven’t had much in the way of problems.  There is a graphics driver crash I seem to get once per session when I sit down to play.  The annoying part about the crash is that, afterwards the launcher has to verify all 98K files, which takes about 15 minutes.

I’ll have to check the forums to see if there is something I can do about the crash.  But I can officially move Star Trek Online into the “Games I Play” category on the side bar.

I made my first “live” character, Dwayne “Buck” Turgeson.  He goes by Buck.

Buck on Patrol

He is named after a football coach from my high school, though I decided not to go all the way and use his last name, so I pulled a last name from another “Buck.”

I noticed on making my character that I had access to the uniform style from The Next Generation movies.  I cannot recall, however, with all the myriad pre-order and special edition options, how I ended up with with access to this particular uniform option.  None of my retail order options should be available until I enter the key code from the package.

But I cannot complain.  It is a nice uniform set and you can play with the color options, so I swapped out color on the inner shirt for color on the jacket itself.  And then the shoes.  The shoes make the look.  Fun with color.  In fact, being able to play with the color options makes me wonder if I should have gone for the Digital Deluxe Edition which feature uniforms from the original series.

I was able to move through the tutorial pretty quickly, this being my third time through.  The points where you are in the same instance with other players were mildly crowded.  It was obvious that a lot of other people were starting off in the head start.

There was another patch update this morning, so Cryptic is obviously still in full make and mend mode.

And, as a quick aside for a friend who is stuck on the tutorial.

The Transporter is that way

And, on one more divergent topic, the Del Taco Cup Code Caption Contest is still WIDE OPEN as of this time.  Nobody has pulled out an obvious winner.  Somebody could come along with a Princess Bride quote and walk away with a code.

STO – Head Start Begins 10am PST

The head start for people who pre-ordered Star Trek Online begins at 10am Pacific time today, Friday January 29th, 2010.

That would be 1pm Eastern time and 8am Hawaiian time.

As the announcement says, it is not too late to pre-order.  Everybody else has to wait until Tuesday to start playing.

There was a ~60MB patch to download this morning.  We’ll see if that is all it takes to get the show on the road.

Meanwhile we’ll see if my cunning caption contest plan will keep the pre-order people busy leaving me to get a head start on them tonight.  Hopefully I’ll be able to log in.

STO – Del Taco Cup Code Caption Contest

Cup code caption contest.  How is that for alliteration?  But I digress.

Yea brethren! (And cistern!)

I have been to Del Taco and I have seen the promised cups!

And mighty were those cups in size, each holding a veritable bladder-stressing lake of the fountain drink of your choice!

Truly they were macho sized.

Affixed to the side of each, like a nicotine patch on a 2-pack a day smoker trying to kick his habit, there was a sticker.  And visible on each of those stickers, when peeled off these mammoth drinking vessels, was a code.

A code of mystery!

It is something of a mystery as to exactly what you get when you enter this code after logging into the Star Trek Online and then heading to the promotion redemption page.

You might get a Type-8 shuttle in game!

You might get 2 days of play time.

You might get nothing at all.

By Grabthar’s hammer, the promotion FAQ is open to considerable interpretation on the subject of who can get what and when!

Still, judging by the comments on the wall of Del Taco’s Facebook page, these codes are in demand.  On eBay you can find people offering up the codes for sale.

But here at TAGN, I am going to give away two codes!  All you have to do is emerge victorious from the trail by comedy!

Below you will see two pictures.  Unless, of course, you are reading this on your iPhone or other mobile device, in which case you may have to go to the bottom of the blog and turn off the mobile viewing mode.

But back to the pictures.  They are screen shots from the game Star Trek Online.

You will need to click on them to see the full size versions.

Picture One

Picture Two

They are not that funny in and of themselves.  But with the right caption, they could be hilarious.

To win one of those two codes, you must submit a caption for either or both of the pictures in the comments to this post

THE RULES – Read Them

  1. All entries must be submitted by 12:00 Noon 15:00/3pmPacific Standard Time on Sunday, January 31st, 2010 Monday, February 1st, 2010.  That is 18:00/6pm Eastern Standard Time or 23:00/11pm UTC.
  2. Codes will be sent to winning entries by 15:59/3:59pm Pacific Standard Time on Monday, February 1st Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010.  That is 18:59/6pm Eastern Standard Time or 23:59/11:59pm UTC.
  3. Winners will be announced in a blog post after the codes have been sent out.
  4. You may enter a single caption for both pictures.  If you enter multiple captions for a single picture, only the first caption for that picture in your comment will be considered, the rest will be deleted.  If you change your mind about your entry, you can enter again as long as you make it clear in your entry that you wish me to delete your initial entry.
  5. Only a single code will be awarded per person.  So if you enter two captions, and they are considered by the judging panel to be the two most hilarious entries over all, you will still only get a single code.  The remaining code will be awarded to the third most hilarious caption.
  6. All entries must be submitted as comments to this post.
  7. If you win, you will receive a single code via email.  That is the only prize.  You will not receive the actual code sticker nor the cup to which it was once attached.
  8. The email address to which the code will be sent is the email address you enter as part of the comment form.  The comment form has a field your email address, you do not need to put your email address in the body of the comment itself.  No email, no code.  If your email bounces back, the next person on the list will be awarded the code.  Make sure your email address is correct.
  9. You may still enter even if you do not want/need/plan to use a code.  Please state this in your entry.  Should you win, your entry will be acknowledged, but the next runner-up will receive the code in your place.
  10. You must clearly indicate for which screen shot your caption is meant.  The screen shots are clearly labeled Picture One and Picture Two.
  11. Any caption submitted in a language other than English (e.g. Spanish, German, Latin, Klingon, etc.) must be translated into English as part of the submission.  It is no fair letting Babel Fish create a hilarious caption for you via bad translation after the fact.  You may use Babel Fish to create captions as long as you only submit the final English version.
  12. While I will be the final authority in picking the winner, I may seek advice from my wife, my daughter, my mother, members of the permanent floating instance group, co-workers, the kids next door, the mailman, a Ouija board, readers of rec.arts.books.tolkien, the guy who runs that pawn shop in Los Altos, random people in Dalaran, the pizza delivery guy, or Kibo.
  13. Andy Ihnatko can enter, but he will not be allowed to win.  It wouldn’t be fair to the rest of us.
  14. The codes are assumed to only be good for people logging into the North American release of Star Trek Online and are not expected to be worth anything or be of any use in the EU.
  15. All codes are currently attached to the Klingon Defense Forces Bird of Prey cups.  If for some reason I lose those cups before the end of the contest, they will be replaced by which ever cup is currently available at my local Del Taco.
  16. Codes are not guaranteed to be valid or get you any prize or promotion whatsoever.  Codes will remain on their cups until it is time to email them to the winners.  However, I cannot validate them in any way.  If your code fails to work for whatever reason, I apologize, but I will not provide an additional code.
  17. In the unlikely event of an unbreakable tie, I will go buy another drink and award an additional code.  Anything that funny will be worth it.
  18. Any issues, ambiguity, errors, or questions will be resolved by me and all decisions are final.  There is no arbitration or appeals process and whining doesn’t work, ask my daughter.
  19. Void where prohibited, contest may be rescinded at any time for any (or no) reason, your mileage may vary, and if it all blows up in our faces remember I told you so.


  • Don’t rush to enter
  • Brevity is the soul of wit
  • If you do a multi-part dialog, make sure it is clear who is saying what
  • Captions that seem derivative of previous entries are less likely to be judged well
  • With puns, the worse they are, the better they are
  • Outside of church and the maternity ward, obscenities rarely impress me
  • Movie and TV references are great, but tread lightly on the cliches
  • If your comment does not show up immediately, it is probably in the moderation or spam queue and I’ll fish it out and approve it soon enough

Barrens RFD

Another Saturday, another instance on our horde side tour of the classic Azeroth content.

Last week while I was away the group went and took a trial run at the courtyard in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral to keep their hand in, but found they were too low level to press much further.  It was not so much because any individual group of bad guys was too tough, but because at their level, the aggro radius of the group make things very unpredictable.

Inside the Cathedral, unpredictable is a bad thing.

So, with that in mind, we decided to head out to The Barrens and tackle Razorfen Downs.

Razorfen Downs, where bears rule!

I caught that picture by accident and thought it looked kind of neat, feral druids in bear form.

Level-wise, RFD is somewhere in the middle of the Scarlet Monastery experience and we needed a spot to pick up another level.  So our group for the evening headed out to the land of the best local chat ever.

35 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
35 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
35 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
36 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
37 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)

We didn’t even use the dungeon finder to transport the group instamagically into RFD.  Azawak and Hurmoo went the traditional route and ran to the meeting stone and summoned the rest of the group in.  We did this because there was supposed to be a quest for the instance just outside.

Finding the instance was… not a challenge…no, that doesn’t cover it exactly.

It was like when somebody gives you directions but dramatically underestimates some aspect of the journey.  You know, if somebody tells you to go up a road until you hit a stop sign, but there you are, almost three miles up the road and you haven’t hit it yet.  You start to wonder if they took it out, or if you went the right way on the road, or if maybe it was covered up by a bush.

As we ran from the meeting stone, which is so close to the RFK meeting stone that one wonders why they bothered making two (I know the reason, but it no longer applies), we kept asking, “Are we going the right way?” “Did we pass it?” “Is it over there?”

It just turns out that the entrance, in the big stonework boar’s head, is just a good long hike from the road.  Which is probably part of the reason the meeting stone is out there, to let you know that, yes, there is an instance down this series of valleys somewhere.

And near there we found the quest, which did indeed show up in our logs as a quest for the instance.  In reality though, the quest was to kill non-elite mobs roaming around the outside of the instance.  We figured that out later.

Inside RFD At Last

Cutting to the chase, the challenge was pretty low.  This instance was scary and we had to be careful when we did it three years ago.

Now we burned our way through.  In fact, we ended up getting a little sloppy with the DPS unloading on things too early and making life tough for Azawak trying to tank and leading to one of the DPS getting killed during a boss fight.  But once the problem was noted, we got it under control pretty quickly.

We went through the early bosses pretty well.

We tore through to Mordresh Fire Eye‘s mosh pit with all the dancing skeletons.

Skeletons At Play

Then killed all the undead, including Mordresh.

Our Turn To Dance!

Then went back to bang Tuten’Kash‘s gong to do some arachnid stomping.


Then, while we were there, we spoke to Belnistrasz for his quest.  This quest kicks off a little more readily than most escort quests and only two of us were ready when Bel went running off.  Seriously, he jets from the room like no other mob in the game.

This is my third run through RFD and I still have never managed to get that quest.

Well, he runs off because it really isn’t an escort quest, but a “defend the NPC” event.  I recall this being tricky before.  It almost was this time as well until we remembered what was going on and positioned ourselves accordingly.  That got us through it all including Plaguemaw and two of us reaped the reward.  Well, there is plenty of exp to go around, so no worry.

We then started up the main spiral of the instance, dispatching bad guys along the way, including the Glutton, who dropped some nice shoulders for Azawak.

At the top of the spiral, Amnennar the Coldbringer awaited.

Amnennar the Freshbringer

There he was, so we went and got him.  The fight went so quick that I think even his summoned minions were surprised.  And with his death, Hurmoo, who had just hit level 35 back during our Stranglethorn Vale night, hit level 36.

It is nice to get almost a full level of experience from an instance.  And Hurmoo was all blue bar after my week away.

Achievement and a Level

And that was that.

We talked about resetting the instance and going to back to redo Belnistrasz, but decided against it.  Instead we ran around and finished up the quest from just outside the instance, then went to turn it in only to find one person in the group hadn’t picked it up.  Well, they had gotten the Belnistrasz quest, so it evened out a bit I suppose.

I think next week we’re up for the cathedral in Scarlet Monastery.

STO – The Shuttle of Cups

Sorry, a tarot card reference was the best I could come up with for a title.

While I was away at work today, my wife went out for lunch.  After she was done, she sent me a picture from where she had been.

Quien Es Mas Macho?

Yes, she went over to Del Taco, which is surprisingly near our house.  In fact, I would wager that I have driven within easy sight of it over 100 times in the last year or so.  But I never once noticed it.

Their sign… does not attract the eye.  If it had been a McDonalds, A KFC, or even a Starbucks I probably would have been aware of it.  But Del Taco… doesn’t stand out, at least not at that location.

Anyway, I had a cup.  I peeled off the code and then headed over to the Star Trek Online site, logged in, then jumped to the STO Del Taco promotions page to enter the code.  I entered it and got this.

Um... you're welcome?

That wasn’t exactly informative.  And I declined to join the Del Taco Raving Fan Club.  Tacos aren’t really my thing, when it comes down to it.

Wanting to find out what I might have gained, I went to the page that shows my account settings.

Ah ha!

I am now confirmed for Del Taco Promotion A!  Which may or may not mean that I have a Type-8 Shuttle coming to me.  I might just have two additional days to pick up my pre-order from GameStop.  We shall see.

But a code is mine and it has been redeemed!

I did, however, skip part of the story.

Yes, my wife went out to lunch, deciphered the menu at Del Taco which follows the current disturbing fast food trend of assuming you already know what you want and just displaying a bunch of current specials, and ended up with a decent burrito.  She sent me the picture at the top of the story at work via her iPhone.

However, the reason I know about the menu at Del Taco is that I dropped by on my way to work to buy a Macho Size soda ($2.12 with tax).  I did not think my wife would read my post until later in the day or perhaps in the evening, long after lunch time.  I didn’t know she was such a fan.  (Having learned a bit after years of marriage, I did not burst her surprise balloon until I got home that evening.)

But my excess may be your gain!

I am going to dig through my Star Trek Online screen shots and see if I can find one suitable for a quick caption contest.  The winner (who will likely be chosen by the Saturday night instance group) will receive the code.

Look for that contest Friday morning.

Unless I cannot find a suitable picture.

In which case, my backup plan is to change over to contest to create a Star Trek shuttle based tarot card.

This is what I have so far as a sample.

In fact, if somebody sends me a really good shuttle tarot card, I might just go buy another soda to give out an extra code.

Which, as I said, may or may not get you a shuttle.

Check back on Friday!  You’ve been warned!