Hulkageddon II Beings… Now!

As reported over on the official Hulkageddon site, Hulkageddon II starts on January 7th.  Since EVE Online runs on Coordinated Universal Time that means it is still January 6th for some of us.  But the go code has been given.

The week long event ends on January 14th.

As mentioned before, there is quite an array of prizes available for participants.

Of course, if you are a miner, this probably does not seem like such a fun event.  Still, I hope we’ll hear some “industrialist bites back” tales if they come up.

What will you be doing for Hulkageddon?

[Addendum: The kill board for Hulkageddon II is up now.]

10 thoughts on “Hulkageddon II Beings… Now!

  1. Jenni Concarnadine

    I will be mostly staying docked & getting on with carebear missioning. I wonder what would be thought if we carebears organised a mass invasion of 0.0 space in shuttles, congreating wherever there was going to be a battle, and mega-lagging each system as the fleets arrived ?


  2. Stabs

    I’ll be semi-afk mining while I play EQ2 as usual.

    If someone wants to burn a fleet of battleships to take out a Retriever in 1.0 space good for them!


  3. Marchosias

    Tryin’ to figure out a good bait/switch strategy for this – I don’t think my stealth bombers work very good since the cruise-missle nerf – otherwise I’d have them cloaked hangin out with my Hulk and blow any rats outta the belt. Torps just don’t hit those cheap ships very good tho’ – so gotta think of something else…


  4. Rieger

    @Marchosias. The only real way to stop it is to be able to tank long enough for Concord to show up and save you. The problem is that the pirates doing this are pretty good at scanning your ship, knowing your fit and knowing exactly how long it will take to drop you. Fitting faction modules and increasing your tank only makes you a bigger/juicier target. ECM works well, gets the DPS off of your ship but you will all but have to have them locked ahead of time to be able to survive. If it was me, I would outfit a cheap hauler, sit in the busy mining belts and when other get blown up, scoop loot, salvage and run. Might not be the best choice for everyone. :)


  5. Toldain

    @jenni I think it’s just as likely that it’s highsec gankers and can flippers, and lowsec pirates who participate in Hulkageddon as it is nullsec fighters. We have our share of predators in nullsec, to be sure. However, we aren’t the only ones in the game. Many nullsec corps have their hands full with SOV battles. Which aren’t going to pause for Hulkageddon.

    I can’t fly a Hulk, and probably never will. If I could, though, I’d be seriously tempted to keep it docked, and do something else for a week.


  6. Windy

    Bah, I’m a noob so I still fly a Retriever. In the unlikely event that, while mining in a dead-end 1.0 system with 18 belts to choose from, my ship is one of the tiny fraction of barges to be ganked, I’ll lose less than a day’s mining revenue. Big fat hairy deal.

    Besides, the spare Retriever is already in the hanger.


  7. Stabs

    I must confess once I started to see the extent of this I chickened after all.

    They’re up to 542 Exhumers and 81 Mining Barges after 2 days.

    I semi-afk missioned in a Drake instead.


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