STO – Pre-Order Key in Hand

Gamestop obliged me this afternoon with an email that contained my pre-order game key so I can get in the Star Trek Online open beta, which begins tomorrow if things go as planned.

Of course, the next trick will be downloading the game client, which weighs in at around 7GB if I read the forums correctly.

Not that I will have much time to actually play in the open beta for the next week or so, but I’d like to get it set up so that when I do have time, I can give it a try.

Addendum: Ah, they put up a page about the open beta.  It looks like my subscription to FilePlanet will pay off again.

1 thought on “STO – Pre-Order Key in Hand

  1. P@tsh@t

    Gamespot delivered the goods but according to the forums at Best Buy, folks who ordered the CE got screwed and won’t see their keys until tomorrow.

    Validation for choosing the Enterprise over a Tribble. Fortunately Mrs. P is a patient woman.


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