STO – Customize Your Head!

Proving that last night was a matter of the servers being too busy, I was able to log on to Star Trek Online this morning.

That got me into character creation where phrases, seen out of context, can be quite amusing.  For example, I chuckled every time I looked up and saw:

A while I found that phrase funny, it is certainly the truth.  You have two levels of character customization, extremely simple and Cryptic-style complex.  So you can, if you wish, customize many aspects of your head.

Some of your options...

You are not quite as free with your options as you are in Champions Online.  Uniform options are a bit limited, though you can go the “inflict pain through bad color choices” route in that area if you so desire.

When it came to character creation though, I went the “WWKD?”

What would Kirk do?

Kirk would get himself a decent haircut, a gold tunic, strike a heroic pose, and then get on with things.

And so Captain Fabulous was born, ready to report to the USS Wensleydale!

Ensign Reynaldo T. Fabulous

Now to actually find some time to play the game.

10 thoughts on “STO – Customize Your Head!

  1. Elleseven

    I absolutely love your toons name. You could make an alt with a very hefty face and call him Captain Flabulous. :)


  2. Shawndra

    Hubby let me foodle with the character creator and do the starting out quests. Very cool. My character looks like a feathered klingon :) I could play in the character creation screen for hours!


  3. Xyd

    Your head looks bare. Although it is large it’s missing many items one would expect, particularly of a head of that magnitude. And with what appears to be a large number of head customizing options I would have expected more. Does STO allow you to customize other rooms with the same number of options?


  4. Xyd

    I hate when my jokes need to be explained. I read “Customize your head” and my first thought – really – was “cool, you can decorate the bathroom”.

    If you have to explain it, it’s probably not a good joke.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Xyd – If I associated you at all with the Navy, or even nautical themes in general, there might have been an exceedingly thin chance that I would have gotten that joke.

    But, alas, there was no such association in my mind. Gaff might get away with that sort of thing, you can’t.

    Stick to references. There is an association I might connect you with.


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