Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

EVEMon, BattleClinic, and Star Trek Online

EVEMon is, without a doubt, my favorite EVE Online utility.

If I had to choose just one utility for EVE Online, EVEMon would be it.

And it recently got even better.

The latest version of the utility now shows your training queue and can, if you trust it with the right API code, show you all of your current market orders.

So you can keep an eye on your financial empire as well as your skill training.

So the team at BattleClinic.com have my respect on that front.

But in more good news, they have also opened up a section of their site devoted to Star Trek Online, and they are talking about creating some tools for STO.

Of course, the STO connection makes sense not only because they support other space games like EVE Online, but because they have had a section devoted to Star Fleet Command, which might be the last Star Trek game I actually really liked.  And STO has the possibility of becoming the spiritual successor to that game.

So that is something else to keep an eye on.