Starfleet Labor Relations

Starfleet sent Ensign Reynaldo T. Fabulous off to a backwater planet to negotiate with some disgruntled miners, and how does he show up?

Armed for negotiations!

Is he working for Starfleet or Pinkerton?

Still, Kirk would be proud.

7 thoughts on “Starfleet Labor Relations

  1. KJP

    You have to take into account their universe’s sense of dramatic irony. You just know if they dropped off all the civilians somewhere for “safety”, they’d all somehow turn up as Borg before it was over.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Skronk told me later that I could just hit “H” to holster my weapon. Not that I will. I like waving a phaser rifle around in, say, the Admiral’s office.

    @KJP – Indeed, the natural laws of the future would demand it, as much as they once demanded that the guy in the landing party with the red shirt had to die.


  3. sente

    No point in you holstering the gun if your whole away team has their phasers, rifles etc ready to fire.

    Although if you holster at that point, you may look at bit more like The Boss and the one who do not like people to argue with you ;)


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