STO Screenshots Question

The screen shot potential for Star Trek Online is, of course, huge.  Space is pretty, space battles bright, colorful, and awe inspiring.

I am okay with the fact that I do not have to turn off the game’s UI to take full screen shots of battle, but I cannot figure out how to turn off the shield graphic around ones ship.

Green Explosion!

That picture would be much better if only I could turn off the shields.

Any clues out there?  Anybody?

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  1. Julie Whitefeather

    The reason the shields indicator showed up in the picture was because it was a cut and paste. If the author of the picture had simply hit the “printscreen” button he or she would have found a nice picture under programs/cryptic studios/star trek online/live/screenshots that had no ui whatsoever.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @JW – Sorry, wrong answer. That picture was taken by merely pressing the “printscreen” button and the shields still showed up, as they do in all the pictures where I am in combat that are saved to the directory you indicated. If I had done a copy/paste the UI would also be visible. But thanks for playing.

    You may have been confused by the fact that the picture does not carry the default screenshot name (it was originally “screenshot_2010-01-24-16-41-47.jpg”) because I bring STO screenshots into PaintShop Pro and shrink them by about 10% to reduce the jagged edges on objects caused by the aggressive JPEG compression used by the game, then save them again with a name that indicates what is in the picture.


  3. Julie Whitefeather

    Sort of odd then. There is a difference in our settings somehow. I even checked my screenshots before my answer. In fact the only way I can get the “shields” to show up, or any part of my UI, is to hit the printscreen button. I use jpg and photoshop for mine but if I just hit printscreen and go out to the file mentioned, none of the “shields” show up. Now I wonder what I managed to do right even if it was just by accident.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I went looking for a setting without luck. Then I asked a few people, who responded along the lines of, “don’t know, but tell me if you find out.” then I went digging through the prefs file to see if there was a flag I could set. And when all of that didn’t pan out, I went to the magic 8-blog to see if it could provide yet another answer.

    I may have to actually delve into the forums.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a pref/setting that was in closed beta at some point and then got dropped by accident. People who installed fresh before a certain date may still have it, while those who came later missed out. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve run into that sort of thing.


  5. sente

    Have you tried using /demo_record to record a movie/sequence and play it back?
    If it is still visiable I would bet that you can modify the recorded file data to remove the shield effect.

    This is of course assuming that the /demo_record functionality is available in STO. But since it is available in City of Heroes/Villains and in Champions Online there is a possibility that STO has it also.

    And the recorded data is just a text file describing effects, movements etc.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    After a cruise through the forums, it seems that there is a /screenshot command that gives you access to some related settings. What those settings are was not clear in the post, but that gives me something else to look into.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @sente – I have not looked into that angle yet.

    The /screenshot command lets you take a screenshot, or take a screenshot with the UI visible, or take a screenshot in a malformed version of the .tga format that multiple versions of PaintShop Pro cannot seem to open.

    But so far, shields remain visible in all my combat screenshots.


  8. Trekkie

    You will need to go into the options, under basic, change “enable directional shield FX” to off. That gets rid of the shield arcs. A little late response but thats how you fix it. As an fyi


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