Barrens RFD

Another Saturday, another instance on our horde side tour of the classic Azeroth content.

Last week while I was away the group went and took a trial run at the courtyard in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral to keep their hand in, but found they were too low level to press much further.  It was not so much because any individual group of bad guys was too tough, but because at their level, the aggro radius of the group make things very unpredictable.

Inside the Cathedral, unpredictable is a bad thing.

So, with that in mind, we decided to head out to The Barrens and tackle Razorfen Downs.

Razorfen Downs, where bears rule!

I caught that picture by accident and thought it looked kind of neat, feral druids in bear form.

Level-wise, RFD is somewhere in the middle of the Scarlet Monastery experience and we needed a spot to pick up another level.  So our group for the evening headed out to the land of the best local chat ever.

35 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
35 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
35 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
36 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
37 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)

We didn’t even use the dungeon finder to transport the group instamagically into RFD.  Azawak and Hurmoo went the traditional route and ran to the meeting stone and summoned the rest of the group in.  We did this because there was supposed to be a quest for the instance just outside.

Finding the instance was… not a challenge…no, that doesn’t cover it exactly.

It was like when somebody gives you directions but dramatically underestimates some aspect of the journey.  You know, if somebody tells you to go up a road until you hit a stop sign, but there you are, almost three miles up the road and you haven’t hit it yet.  You start to wonder if they took it out, or if you went the right way on the road, or if maybe it was covered up by a bush.

As we ran from the meeting stone, which is so close to the RFK meeting stone that one wonders why they bothered making two (I know the reason, but it no longer applies), we kept asking, “Are we going the right way?” “Did we pass it?” “Is it over there?”

It just turns out that the entrance, in the big stonework boar’s head, is just a good long hike from the road.  Which is probably part of the reason the meeting stone is out there, to let you know that, yes, there is an instance down this series of valleys somewhere.

And near there we found the quest, which did indeed show up in our logs as a quest for the instance.  In reality though, the quest was to kill non-elite mobs roaming around the outside of the instance.  We figured that out later.

Inside RFD At Last

Cutting to the chase, the challenge was pretty low.  This instance was scary and we had to be careful when we did it three years ago.

Now we burned our way through.  In fact, we ended up getting a little sloppy with the DPS unloading on things too early and making life tough for Azawak trying to tank and leading to one of the DPS getting killed during a boss fight.  But once the problem was noted, we got it under control pretty quickly.

We went through the early bosses pretty well.

We tore through to Mordresh Fire Eye‘s mosh pit with all the dancing skeletons.

Skeletons At Play

Then killed all the undead, including Mordresh.

Our Turn To Dance!

Then went back to bang Tuten’Kash‘s gong to do some arachnid stomping.


Then, while we were there, we spoke to Belnistrasz for his quest.  This quest kicks off a little more readily than most escort quests and only two of us were ready when Bel went running off.  Seriously, he jets from the room like no other mob in the game.

This is my third run through RFD and I still have never managed to get that quest.

Well, he runs off because it really isn’t an escort quest, but a “defend the NPC” event.  I recall this being tricky before.  It almost was this time as well until we remembered what was going on and positioned ourselves accordingly.  That got us through it all including Plaguemaw and two of us reaped the reward.  Well, there is plenty of exp to go around, so no worry.

We then started up the main spiral of the instance, dispatching bad guys along the way, including the Glutton, who dropped some nice shoulders for Azawak.

At the top of the spiral, Amnennar the Coldbringer awaited.

Amnennar the Freshbringer

There he was, so we went and got him.  The fight went so quick that I think even his summoned minions were surprised.  And with his death, Hurmoo, who had just hit level 35 back during our Stranglethorn Vale night, hit level 36.

It is nice to get almost a full level of experience from an instance.  And Hurmoo was all blue bar after my week away.

Achievement and a Level

And that was that.

We talked about resetting the instance and going to back to redo Belnistrasz, but decided against it.  Instead we ran around and finished up the quest from just outside the instance, then went to turn it in only to find one person in the group hadn’t picked it up.  Well, they had gotten the Belnistrasz quest, so it evened out a bit I suppose.

I think next week we’re up for the cathedral in Scarlet Monastery.

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