STO – The Shuttle of Cups

Sorry, a tarot card reference was the best I could come up with for a title.

While I was away at work today, my wife went out for lunch.  After she was done, she sent me a picture from where she had been.

Quien Es Mas Macho?

Yes, she went over to Del Taco, which is surprisingly near our house.  In fact, I would wager that I have driven within easy sight of it over 100 times in the last year or so.  But I never once noticed it.

Their sign… does not attract the eye.  If it had been a McDonalds, A KFC, or even a Starbucks I probably would have been aware of it.  But Del Taco… doesn’t stand out, at least not at that location.

Anyway, I had a cup.  I peeled off the code and then headed over to the Star Trek Online site, logged in, then jumped to the STO Del Taco promotions page to enter the code.  I entered it and got this.

Um... you're welcome?

That wasn’t exactly informative.  And I declined to join the Del Taco Raving Fan Club.  Tacos aren’t really my thing, when it comes down to it.

Wanting to find out what I might have gained, I went to the page that shows my account settings.

Ah ha!

I am now confirmed for Del Taco Promotion A!  Which may or may not mean that I have a Type-8 Shuttle coming to me.  I might just have two additional days to pick up my pre-order from GameStop.  We shall see.

But a code is mine and it has been redeemed!

I did, however, skip part of the story.

Yes, my wife went out to lunch, deciphered the menu at Del Taco which follows the current disturbing fast food trend of assuming you already know what you want and just displaying a bunch of current specials, and ended up with a decent burrito.  She sent me the picture at the top of the story at work via her iPhone.

However, the reason I know about the menu at Del Taco is that I dropped by on my way to work to buy a Macho Size soda ($2.12 with tax).  I did not think my wife would read my post until later in the day or perhaps in the evening, long after lunch time.  I didn’t know she was such a fan.  (Having learned a bit after years of marriage, I did not burst her surprise balloon until I got home that evening.)

But my excess may be your gain!

I am going to dig through my Star Trek Online screen shots and see if I can find one suitable for a quick caption contest.  The winner (who will likely be chosen by the Saturday night instance group) will receive the code.

Look for that contest Friday morning.

Unless I cannot find a suitable picture.

In which case, my backup plan is to change over to contest to create a Star Trek shuttle based tarot card.

This is what I have so far as a sample.

In fact, if somebody sends me a really good shuttle tarot card, I might just go buy another soda to give out an extra code.

Which, as I said, may or may not get you a shuttle.

Check back on Friday!  You’ve been warned!

5 thoughts on “STO – The Shuttle of Cups

  1. SynCaine

    Just another example of STO continuing to be, by far, the most confusing pre-launch setup system in MMO history. It’s like a mini-game itself!


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @PeterD – I could not find a definitive answer to that. The maximum of 4 codes is there to limit you to 8 days of play, but it appears that you get the shuttle if you opt to subscribe to the game regardless of how many codes you have entered.

    But I could be wrong. We shall see.


  3. UFTimmy

    If you buy 4 sodas you get an extra two days of game play, for a total of 10.

    And I had understood it to be you had to buy te game after using a code, but as you said.. it’s all anyone’s guess.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, technically, I haven’t purchased the game yet, nobody has. But that is yet another wrinkle in the whole thing. The FAQ on the promotion brings up more questions that it answers. At least to me.

    As you point out, you get 10 days if you redeem 4 sodas, but it is not that simple.

    No, you need a code from each one of the different collectible cups to get that extra 2 days it seems. Each type of cup is only worth 2 days, no matter how many you obtain.

    Still, we’re having a contest.


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