STO – Into The Headstart

Last night and this morning I haven’t had much in the way of problems.  There is a graphics driver crash I seem to get once per session when I sit down to play.  The annoying part about the crash is that, afterwards the launcher has to verify all 98K files, which takes about 15 minutes.

I’ll have to check the forums to see if there is something I can do about the crash.  But I can officially move Star Trek Online into the “Games I Play” category on the side bar.

I made my first “live” character, Dwayne “Buck” Turgeson.  He goes by Buck.

Buck on Patrol

He is named after a football coach from my high school, though I decided not to go all the way and use his last name, so I pulled a last name from another “Buck.”

I noticed on making my character that I had access to the uniform style from The Next Generation movies.  I cannot recall, however, with all the myriad pre-order and special edition options, how I ended up with with access to this particular uniform option.  None of my retail order options should be available until I enter the key code from the package.

But I cannot complain.  It is a nice uniform set and you can play with the color options, so I swapped out color on the inner shirt for color on the jacket itself.  And then the shoes.  The shoes make the look.  Fun with color.  In fact, being able to play with the color options makes me wonder if I should have gone for the Digital Deluxe Edition which feature uniforms from the original series.

I was able to move through the tutorial pretty quickly, this being my third time through.  The points where you are in the same instance with other players were mildly crowded.  It was obvious that a lot of other people were starting off in the head start.

There was another patch update this morning, so Cryptic is obviously still in full make and mend mode.

And, as a quick aside for a friend who is stuck on the tutorial.

The Transporter is that way

And, on one more divergent topic, the Del Taco Cup Code Caption Contest is still WIDE OPEN as of this time.  Nobody has pulled out an obvious winner.  Somebody could come along with a Princess Bride quote and walk away with a code.

13 thoughts on “STO – Into The Headstart

  1. Ludo

    I’ve enjoyed the beta, enjoying the head-start, but I still find myself staring at the screen deciding on the year or lifetime … or maybe even 6 mo, I just can’t decide if the game will have enough juicy content to justify these front end investments! :|

    “The Cliffssss of Insanity!”



  2. Adventurer Historian

    I see someone else took the plunge with a Lifetime subscription? (I assume that’s a Borg headpiece on Buck?) Awesome!

    The TNG Movie uniform didn’t come with any preorder – it just automatically comes with the game. I know what you’re saying about the Original Series uniforms. Ideally, I would have preordered the digital edition through Gamestop, giving me the original Connie + the original uniforms. Badassness would have ensued.

    Also, I think you’ve inspired me for my character’s name. Good times!


  3. Adventurer Historian

    Oh, and AGN, I don’t know if this is your sort of thing or not, but since “ancient” is in your title, maybe it is:

    Included in several recent Star Trek DVD collections was a special code for an Original Series Admiral’s Uniform – think Kirk from “The Wrath of Khan.” It’s sort of an open secret that the code was the exact same in all of the boxes: JIH MUSHA SOH. Type that in where you typed in your Del Taco code, and it should unlock come February 2nd.


  4. TheRemedy

    I haven’t had a crash in live yet but in beta you could click cancel during the file verification and it will let you play.


  5. PeterD

    I’m a little annoyed that my pre-order netted me access to a bonus “race” (Joined Trill) and the headstart, but you can’t use the Joined Trill until release day, so what exactly is the point of the head start for me?

    Not playing until Tuesday even though I could be. Bah.


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  7. We Fly Spitfires

    “Dwayne “Buck” Turgeson. He goes by Buck”

    I’m so jealous of any brain that can come up with a name that cool! :D If I make a guy called Montgomery P. Smythe then we should totally hang out :)


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