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January in Review

The Site

January has proven to be the most active month ever here at TAGN, at least when counting page views.

As usual, that has little to do with me and a lot to do without factors outside of my control.  Heck, I was out of town for a full week in January.  What does that say?

January Page View Graph

First, I put up a couple of posts about Hulkageddon and for a while Google had me as the first result for that search term.  The mystery of Google’s love.

And then WoW.com linked to my overview of the World of Warcraft Magazine, which set an all time, single day page view record for the site.

In looking around, a lot of sites covered the announcement of the magazine back in August, but scant few noted the actual arrival of it in the mailboxes of the subscribers.  So far I’ve only seen it mentioned over at Ars Technica, and I am not sure you can say that their article is leaps and bounds better than my own.

The only other noticeable boost in page views came on the day I posted my best effort at a hot looking STO avatar.

One Year Ago

A year ago I was in a Middle-earth mood.  I had rolled up some new characters on the same server as a few notable podcasters and then started trying to catch up to them.  The small and friendly community in LOTRO helped out, so I was able to do the Great Barrow with a pickup group and not feel the need to drink heavily afterward.  Of course, I sometimes feel the need to stir the pot.

I also mentioned something that involved punching Amy Tan that seemed to go down well.  According to Google, this is the only site it tracks that has ever used the exact phrase “punch Amy Tan.”  Crap, I did it again.

In WoW the instance group was working its way up to Ingvar the Plunderer.  This was the height of our “we suck” phase.

While in EVE there was a bit of mission running plus I hit a monetary milestone and 30 million skill points.

I went looking for KartRider and found that after beta Nexon apparently folded up that tent and  called it a day, at least here in the US.

I noticed that the optical drive on our Wii started making a lot of noise.  It still makes noise a year later, but it also still works.

There was that whole controversy about Wikipedia deleting entries on MUDs and MUD history.  That lead to the creation of MUD History Wiki over on Wikia.  Many MUDs are still alive and well, and sites like the MUD Connector seem to still thrive.

I pointed to a post over at Massively that showed the top selling games for October of 2008 were almost all a couple years old or more.

I hit the 1,000 post mark, which was cause for yet another milestone post and some reflection. (I’m just past the 1,400 mark a year later and I’ll probably hold off on more reflection until the 2,500 mark, so you’re safe for a while.)

Oh, and I predicted a whole bunch of crap that mostly failed to materialize.  But that didn’t stop me from trying again this year.

New Linking Sites

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In a considerable change in ranking, the guild name generator post, which has lived at first or second place for more than two years, was pushed down to sixth place.

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Search Term that Brought the Most People Here

[despite complete non-participation in any way, I got a lot of traffic]

Best Search Terms of the Month

christine “kiara” renzetti email soe
[Christine, somebody is looking for you]

golem, lord of the rings
[I think it is “Gollum.”  A golem is something else.]

Deleted Spam Comment of the Month

Fix Your Credit!  I’ll be coming back soon!
[And what if I don’t?]

EVE Online

I have been in a bit of a wind-down with EVE Online.  My alts account lapses this week and I am going to let it.  I will keep my main up, training, playing the economic game, and running a mission now and again for screen shots if nothing else.  But I think I’ll be doing internet spaceships somewhere else for a while.  Maybe.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online, a dream from my childhood, is at hand.  I’ve watched all those episodes, seen all those movies, and read far too many of the novels than I will ever admit to.  I’ve played many a game that was a poor interpretation of the Star Trek universe, including a few Trek focused MUDs and MUSHs.

I need a light grip on the weapon.  I need to lower my heart rate and breath in a smooth regular pattern.  I know day one is going to be a disaster.  I know the first month is going to be a challenge to my patience.  I must relax and be at ease with reality, let it come to me.  Because I know if I get caught hurling bricks at Cryptic’s HQ, the Los Gatos police are not really friendly to those who live in their neighboring cities.

World of Warcraft

WoW remains persistently enjoyable.  For a game that gets put down as being the dumbed down “McDonalds” or “Wal-Mart” of MMOs, I certainly seem to keep having fun playing.  The instance group, play time with my daughter, and just goofing around with Wintergrasp and achievements keeps me busy.

Coming Up

Hrmm… Star Trek Online?  Ya think?

This month I am going to try to play more and post less I think.  But every time I say that, it never plays out that way.