I’m Pretty Sure This Wasn’t From Scott Jennings…

His style is usually a bit more… coherent.

When you receive this message at the same time means that you have a routine account of our recent examination, was checking your account we have the evidence to prove that involved in the controversial game currency transaction so we had to take the necessary measures.

Please visit our web site https:[bogus URL] as soon as possible to activate your account or we will suspend your account.

The NCsoft Team

Worst phishing attempt so far this year.  Not only is the grammar attempting to work under extreme duress, but I don’t even have an Aion account.

Oh, and this may be my first Aion related post ever.

11 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure This Wasn’t From Scott Jennings…

  1. JdJdJd

    I have absolutely no clue what that even says. Of course that in itself might work as a phishing scheme, as someone might be tempted to click the link in an attempt to find a translation.


  2. Xeross

    During the recent routine account examinations we’ve discovered you’ve been participating in activities that are forbidden by the EULA. Please visit our website at (URL) to settle this matter or we’ll have to ban your account.


    I wonder why they keep trying, I received a WoW related one too a while ago. Guess there’s still people that fall for these mails.


  3. PeterD

    As with most internet scams, if you blanket enough people with them someone will bite. Blog and forum goers do not really represent the average level of technical knowledge. There are undoubtedly people out there who have still never even heard of “phishing”.

    There are also a subset of users who would likely find the borked English MORE convincing, since NCSoft is not a US company :p As bad as it is, I’ll bet you anything at least a few people fell for it, and it doesn’t take many compromised accounts to make a profit off a scam.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I get these sorts of things pretty regularly and have for the past 10 years. The joy of not changing your email address.

    However, for most of that time they have been targeted at what one would consider financial related activities. I’ve gotten them for eBay, PayPal, Western Union, and quite a variety of banks, both foreign and domestic, none of which I have an account with.

    Only recently have I started getting them for WoW, as I noted before. But WoW is big money these days.

    Aion though? I thought getting one for Aion was noteworthy. Plus it has to be the worst worded attempt I have seen in a long, long time.


  5. Brian Inman

    Every Phishing scam I ever receive seems to be poorly worded like that.

    I did get one WoW one that was super convincing that it looks like they really put some hours in to make it look legit.


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