The Truth Revealed! SynCaine Loves WoW!

MassiveBlips is part of a network of “Blips” sites, including one dedicated to World of Warcraft called WoWBlips.

And, like all of the “Blips” site, they try to quantify things, ranking stories and sites for popularity.

Of course, these rankings are all automated and are somewhat dubious in many ways.  But the outstanding example of this has to be the following ranking which I noticed this morning:

Yes, there is Hardcore Casual, ever the WoW fan site, at the top of the list.

We all suspected his WoW hate was just a pose, right?  And now WoWBlips has seen through his charade.

Good luck explaining how this worked out.

( is 95th on the list and I don’t even show up.)

4 thoughts on “The Truth Revealed! SynCaine Loves WoW!

  1. Vett

    This gave me a good laugh today. Especially since I have been following Syncaine’s adventures in Darkfall for some time………… WoW fansite rofl………….


  2. SynCaine

    Of course you are not listed, since when have you been a ‘kind of a big deal’ blog? Peasant.

    On a related note, my fiance is itching to play an MMO again, but is scared of DarkFall, and so suggested we play WoW again. After smacking her, twice, she threatened to log into my blog and post that I do in face love WoW. She’s a keeper.

    Now to find some bearable themepark MMO we could both enjoy…


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