Cup Code Caption Contest Congratulations

Oh yeah, I had a contest a while back, didn’t I?  I suppose I should announce who won.

The contest is over and Del Taco cup codes were sent out to the winners last week.  So the winners know they’ve won and may even now have shuttles tailing them around in Star Trek Online.  But if you didn’t get a code from me via email, you might want to know who won. Or, if you did win and didn’t get a code, you might want to drop me a note.

Anyway, the winners were:

Picture One

Picture One

Winning Caption – Wins a Del Taco Cup Code

Caption from Harbinger Zero – “LCARS Load Letter? WTF is LCARS Load Letter?”

Comment: Managed to combine a Trek acronym and some computer humor lore.  Also the only caption to make somebody I know laugh out loud.

Runner up – Also gets a Del Taco Cup Code

Caption from Blake – “Which button do I have to push to replicate a chair around here?”

Comment:  Indeed, the future seems to be bleak and chairless in some regards.  Chairs are so valuable in the future that we only pretend to sit on them, or so it seems when I’m on the bridge.  Everybody seems to hover inches above their chairs.

Picture Two

Picture Two

Winning Caption – Wins a Del Taco Cup Code

Caption from TK – “Where is that bastard, Sid Meier?”

Comment: I played enough Alpha Centauri to chuckle… and I know how to spell Centauri.

Runner up – Also gets a Del Taco Cup Code

Caption from SPQR – Stranded in the Sirius Block: “So guys, let me get this straight? We didn’t need a passport to cross the sector border, but we need one to get back into Alpha Centauri?”

Comment:  It reminded me of a scene from the Phil Silvers Show.  First Jack Benny and now this?

So congratulations to the winners!  While there were not any huge, fall over laughing captions, many were good.  I tried to choose pictures that did not have an obvious joke in them to try and inspire some creativity.  I might have gone a bit too far in that regard.

5 thoughts on “Cup Code Caption Contest Congratulations

  1. Facepalm

    Congrats Guys! Good captions indeed, I hope you’re enjoying your shuttle “pet”.

    My lame Pun was fail.

    I propose TAGN has more giveaway contests! Whose in?


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I actually have another contest in mind, but I wanted to spread things out a bit. The next one will be more of a data mining contest when it comes down to it, something of a scavenger hunt.


  3. Adventurer Historian

    Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is, in my book, still the greatest game ever. SO GOOD

    Why, oh why do they keep pumping out Civ clones? I don’t want to play history; I want to make the future!


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