Tobold Does Not Endorse This Energy Drink!

Because it seems that putting Tobold in your posts titles has a magic similar to mentioning Kibo in a Usenet post back in the late 80s/early 90s.


A friend, and former co-worked of mine, is part some sort of contest that somehow involves getting people to look at a video he made and put up on YouTube.  The more views the better.  He sent out an email to the few of us who still remain at the tiny, thrice acquired, stump of our old company to ask us to get out the word.

So, here is the video.

The video features his dog Oliver (who is a rough coated Jack Russell Terrier), some guy I do not know (probably a relative), and an energy drink called Xe, which purports to be healthy, containing a “Proprietary blend of Superfruits” plus chocolate of some sort.  There is a joke in there somewhere I am sure.

I’d never heard of Xe before today.

Not that I pay much attention to energy drinks, but I could probably identify two or three brands aside from Red Bull if a gun were held to my head.  There is one named after a game studio, right?

And Xe isn’t even on the list of energy drinks over at Wikipedia. (Though I see from the list there is one called Beaver Buzz.  Hah!  There is definitely a ready supply of jokes there!)

I did point out to my friend that there is no legally available energy drink (or any other substance) that could possibly give a person as much energy as Oliver has, which explains the disclaimer “actual terrier may vary.”

I was assured that Oliver did not, at any time, have access to the actual energy drink, lest he re-enact the Hammy the Squirrel scene from the end of  Over the Hedge.

He’s a very nice dog who only bites people who truly deserve it and lets you know if he suspects something might be living in your walls by tearing through the sheet rock just to check.  Good dog!

4 thoughts on “Tobold Does Not Endorse This Energy Drink!

  1. Xyd

    There is a regional company here that recycles and treats used oils. The company name is Beaver Oil. Every time I see one of their trucks I almost get in an accident.


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