Daily Archives: February 13, 2010

TTH Picks the Top Ten PvP MMOs

Lists, especially ranked lists, are always good for some attention.

In that vein, Ten Ton Hammer decided to stir the pot a bit by ranking what they consider to be the Top Ten PvP MMOs.

I’ll spoil the surprise and give you their list ranked top to bottom.  You’ll have to go read the article to get the justifications.

  1. Dark Age of Camelot
  2. Eve Online
  3. Darkfall
  4. Planetside
  5. Warhammer Online
  6. Aion
  7. Lineage 2
  8. Guild Wars
  9. Age of Conan
  10. Lord of the Rings Online

They used the phrase “out there” to describe their selections, by which I assume they mean they are measuring the PvP-ness you can get today from these games, as opposed to when they were at their peak.  So no Shadowbane.

That also might explain the lack of Ultima Online on the list.

But if you’re going to exclude UO for its current state of affairs, how do you justify keeping Planetside on the list?

WoWBlips Blog Watch – SynCaine Still #1

Following up on last week’s post, over at WoWBlips it seems that Hardcore Casual still reigns as the #1 World of Warcraft blog, at least as they measure it, no doubt aided and abetted by this weeks massive cross linking silliness.

Larisa’s Pink Pigtail Inn, an actual WoW blogs, remains at the #2 position.

MMO Champion moved up to the #3 spot.

Rohan’s esteemed Blessing of Kings makes an appearance this week at #4.

And coming in at 5th place is none other than Darren of the Common Sense Gamer.

Elitist Jerks and World of Matticus dropped to the #6 and #7 spots respectively, while a little site called WoW.com jumped up from 95th to 91st place.

I’m still nowhere on the list, a fact made all the more galling by the fact that Voyages in Eternity, that hasn’t had a post in two years, made the list at 278th place, or second to last.  Damn you Craig!

Watch for updates on this travesty until it ceases to amuse me.