WoWBlips Blog Watch – SynCaine Still #1

Following up on last week’s post, over at WoWBlips it seems that Hardcore Casual still reigns as the #1 World of Warcraft blog, at least as they measure it, no doubt aided and abetted by this weeks massive cross linking silliness.

Larisa’s Pink Pigtail Inn, an actual WoW blogs, remains at the #2 position.

MMO Champion moved up to the #3 spot.

Rohan’s esteemed Blessing of Kings makes an appearance this week at #4.

And coming in at 5th place is none other than Darren of the Common Sense Gamer.

Elitist Jerks and World of Matticus dropped to the #6 and #7 spots respectively, while a little site called jumped up from 95th to 91st place.

I’m still nowhere on the list, a fact made all the more galling by the fact that Voyages in Eternity, that hasn’t had a post in two years, made the list at 278th place, or second to last.  Damn you Craig!

Watch for updates on this travesty until it ceases to amuse me.

6 thoughts on “WoWBlips Blog Watch – SynCaine Still #1

  1. Stabs

    They’ve clearly realised that Syncaine is in fact a WoW fanboy in denial and that every post inadvertently promotes WoW by implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) comparing Darkfall with WoW.

    For example:
    “Logged on today, got corpse camped lost all my stuff and had our guild bank stolen. Booyah! You don’t get them thrills in your pansy carebear game!”

    actually causes readers to install WoW rather than Darkfall, much to Syncaine’s continuing exasperation.


  2. We Fly Spitfires

    The blips system measures blogs by the number of other blogs they track that link to them within a short time period (dunno what the difference between WoWblips and Massiveblips is and how they categorise it all). It just goes to show how effective the blog war between Tobold and Syncaine has been at drawing attention to them both. Not that I think they did it for that reason but it’s good publicity none the less.

    And you’re not on the WoW list cause you’re on the MMORPG list (with me). Again, no idea how or why that is… maybe we’re special? :)


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yeah, I don’t attach any real significance to the list. It just amuses me, especially since SynCaine is there on top of the WoW blogger list.

    There seems to be considerable cross-over between the WoW list and the MMORPG list. Hardcore Casual, for example, ranks high on both. I spent some time last night digging around trying to see if I could spot a pattern or just muscle my way onto the WoW list, but didn’t have much luck. I sent you a friend invite though, when I stumbled on that page!


  4. SynCaine

    You really need to stop putting my name in your title posts; can’t you generate enough traffic without stooping to such a low level to support your blatant ‘partners of TAGN’ program, which I’m sure you did not report to the IRS?


  5. Gravity

    There’s something seriously wrong with that ranking system. Syn’s site sidebar says he has had 558K hits. That’s not much really, unless it’s over a very short period, but normally that stat from wordpress is a blog-lifetime stat. (TAGN has probably got more total hits, pwnwear certainly does).


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