Daily Archives: February 14, 2010

Vikund the Love Fool

I have managed to keep on streak of getting the meta achievements for WoW holiday events by securing the title The Love Fool for my main character.  I even got it on the appropriate date.

This was mostly thanks to a bunch of help last night from the instance group.  There will be more on that as part of my weekly tales of the instance group post.

The whole lovely charm/charm bracelet addition to this year’s event had the effect of getting me out and running daily quests again.  At least it did once the charm lag settled down.  The game was near impossible to play on the first day of the event, but by this weekend things were okay, at least on my server.

Now of course, the question is can I keep up this streak?  Things do not look too good in that regard.  The next two events I need, the Lunar Festival, which started today, and Children’s Week, which comes up in early May, are both going to be a challenge.

The Lunar Festival achievement requires a group effort to get to all the elders, as some are in heroic dungeons, while Children’s Week means some battlegrounds goals, the most onerous of which is capturing a flag in Eye of the Storm, something I have never done.

We’ll see what I can manage.

In the mean time, I have to figure out on what I should spend these extra 80 love tokens I ended up with.