Crown of Byzantus Goes Live

The free-to-play browser based game Crown of Byzantus went live today!

So perhaps my post last week about the open beta ended on a bit of a dire note.  If you missed the tiny crack in the open beta window I left open, have no fear, you can now play the game for real.

The game features NO gladiatorial combat or farming.  Seriously, their press page makes the point of saying:

Byzantus is based loosely on the late 14th century Byzantine Empire spiced up with monsters, relics and a whole lot of action. It does NOT feature farming, raising pigs or building log cabins.

So we have that out in the open.  Farming is RIGHT OUT!

So what do you get by playing the new, live version of the game.  Again, I go to the Byzantus press site for the answers:

  • Five factions instead of three!
  • More than twice the territory to explore and fight over!
  • New quests and PVP goals!
  • Not all-out hostility but  a network of faction relationships and enmities!
  • New title levels and intermediary goals!
  • Legend Point refills with Glory!
  • Fortunes of war displayed on your map!
  • Jousting – mock combat with small rewards, to test your troops and skills!
  • Pearls to give you an edge on competition!

Of course, I played so little that I couldn’t have told you any of this was missing in the first place.  Except for the pearls.  The pearls are the in-game currency you can buy through their site.

Pearls are a premium feature used to purchase various advantages such as magical potions, advisors and extra gold. Crown of Byzantus can be played all the way to the throne without premium advantages and all glory has to be earned by the sword. However, premium advantages will make travel easier, progress faster and enable different playing styles and objectives.

The minimum is 40 pearls, which will run you 5 Euros.

Anyway, if you see Wilhelm IV, knight of the Pope, that would be me.

5 thoughts on “Crown of Byzantus Goes Live

  1. sane

    Oh how much I HATE sites that change the language according to my geolocation. Even worse when you don’t have a button to change it anywhere and no way to change the language in the URL! How the f**** should one play in FINNSISH?


  2. Tudor, Errant Knight of the King

    It’s a really interesting game, except that the combat doesn’t really make sense. My troops were all alive at the end of a skirmish with some ghosts in a sacred grove, but the point count or whatever it’s called in the center had more points for the ghosts than for me, so even though I killed all of the ghosts, I was still somehow defeated. Still, thanks for turning me onto this game, it looks like the kind of thing I would really enjoy when there’s a lull in my work.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @sane – When I go to the page, at the very bottom there are tiny UK and Finish flags that I believe set the language.

    @Tudor – Yeah, I don’t get all the aspects of combat. What does it mean when my guy has 80% health but is grayed out?


  4. Tudor, Errant Knight of the King

    @Wilhelm As far as that goes, I think something happened to make the unit flee. There are multiple rounds in combat, but depending on some variable (maybe morale or loyalty) they can break and are useless in the later rounds of combat, even if they’re not dead. I’ve been looking all morning for documentation properly explaining the combat, but no luck so far. What affects a unit’s chance to hit, do you have more control beyond selecting a special attack per round, like can you focus down one target, these are examples of questions I’m trying to get answered.



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