The Coin Master

Meanwhile back in World of Warcraft, where I seem to be spending most of my gaming time of late, I have achieved yet another pointless achievement!

Yes, I have finally managed to fish up all those damn coins from the fountain in Dalaran!

I have actually been one coin away for quite a while.  I needed Thrall’s golden coin.  But I am sure his is no more elusive than any other gold coin.  It is one of those quests that, when you start, progress in guaranteed.  The first coin you pull up is one you don’t have yet.  And the next dozen or so are likely to be new to you as well.

After that, you start in on the duplicates.  So getting that last one can seem like it takes forever.

Aside from the achievements, you also get the Titanium Seal of Dalaran for your troubles.

The coin essentially gives you an emote of flipping a coin and having it land either heads or tails.  Amusing, but I don’t think anybody is going to use it for, say, loot roles.

So that is one more of the fishing achievements down for me.  Though considering how often I bring up fishing in MMOs (at least relative to other people) I’m kind of slacking on the fishing achievements.